• Letter: Williford Faile was dedicated to county

    Former Sheriff Williford Faile, who was inducted into the S.C. Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame last week, was dedicated to the people of Lancaster County, and he always kept his word. Just like his son Barry, our current sheriff. God bless them both and their families.

    Carl M. Miles Sr.

  • Letter: Help send our team to the World Series

    Lancaster Dixie Baseball is celebrating our 14U Dixie Boys All-Stars’ state championship and preparing for a trip to Louisiana for the World Series.
    The 13 boys on this team represented Lancaster County with sportsmanship and true heart. Their motto from the beginning has been “One team. One Family. One mission.”
    The World Series begins next Saturday, Aug. 4, in Bossier, La. The team will be leaving Thursday to arrive in time for the opening ceremonies.

  • Letter: Adopt a precious dog or cat today

    This letter is about animals in kill shelters.
    Please adopt an animal. They are precious. Go to the Lancaster Animal Hospital and adopt a cat or dog. They can show their personalities just like humans.
    If you love animals, please help them. They don’t need to die.
    I want my life to have meant something. So I implore you to go out and adopt a pet.

    Carl M. Miles Sr.

  • Letter: Rude drivers at crosswalks

    This is about how rude people are in Lancaster
    Last week, I was walking out of Walmart, and when you come out you have the right of way in the crosswalk.
    As I came out and started crossing the road, a car of people started hollering and blowing their horn at me because I went across in front of her.
    She is not the only one who does people like that. I was done the same way the other day. A car stopped for me to cross, and the car behind him was using vulgar language because he had to stop.

  • Letter: Willis, Catoe should repay the taxpayers

    Everyone is talking about the dirt road from Taxahaw to Highway 9. I see the gate is still up.
    County council member Jack Estridge told how much money County Administrator Steve Willis and Public Works Director Jeff Catoe spent fixing Timberline Road without the tax-paying people knowing about it. (Editor’s note: Estridge told WSOC-TV that the work probably cost $50,000 to $100,000, but Willis gave TLN documentation from Catoe saying it cost $7,652.)

  • Letter: Protect your children, not your guns

    As Americans, we average about seven mass shootings a week.
    We’re worried about people coming into this country when we should be worried about who is already here.
    But gun control isn’t an issue?
    Guns are harmless.
    You see, without ammunition a gun is just metal.
    The issue here is there are so many different types of ammunition:
    Bullying – YOUR WORDS CAN HURT.
    Rape – YOU CAN SPEAK UP.
    Racism, Religion – WE ARE ALL HUMAN.
    We need to stop violent acts among our own.

  • Letter: Garris’ experience makes her my pick

    Vote for Tamara Green Garris as mayor of the city of Lancaster on July 10.

    Ms. Garris has served on the city council representing District 4 since 2009 and was appointed mayor pro tem in 2017 during the late Mayor John Howard’s term. She is currently serving in the position of acting mayor.

    In my opinion, Ms. Garris has the experience, knowledge and wisdom to make a difference in our city. Please vote. Every vote counts.

    Monique Stover


  • Letter: Social Security mixup should be avoidable

    With identity theft on the rise, you would think the Social Security Administration could make some adjustments to their policies or procedures.

    My daughter and I on June 4th had to reapply for an original copy of our Social Security cards. We had to drive all the way to Rock Hill to file the SS-4 form. I understand that the records should be checked before issuing the cards, absolutely.

  • Letter: Article about James Brooks a pointless rehash of charges

    I usually enjoy the articles in the paper every week. However, this week there was a front-page article that disturbed me greatly.

    It was a rehash of the incidents regarding James Brooks.

    I certainly do not condone his behavior, but he has a young son who lives in the area and does not need this in his face.

    There was nothing new in the article. You were not trying to find out why he has not had his day in court.

    It appeared that it was a very slow day newspapers.

    This is why people do not read papers that much anymore.

  • Letter: Immigrant analogy is offensive in Rudy Schmidt’s column

    This is in response to Rudy Schmidt’s June 29 guest column “Common sense: Before all else on immigration, stop the influx.”

    Mr. Schmidt, are you really comparing immigrants to bath water? Shame on you!

    Neil Couch