• Letter: The Democrats’ god is government power

    In an Aug. 7 column, Martha S. Robinson wrote that her late mother, a deep Christian and a lifelong Republican, could not understand how any Christian could vote for Donald Trump.
    We had a choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for president. At that voting time, I did not know much about Donald Trump but did know a lot about Hillary and her party.
    Donald Trump is a changed man now who does support and defend the U.S. Constitution, contrary to any Democrat today. Trump was never perfect, but he is much better than the alternative presented to us then or now.

  • Letter: Rethink neighborhood snitches policy

    I’m surprised that Lancaster County’s answer to the problem of out-of-state license plates not being replaced with S.C. plates in a timely manner is to have neighbors turn in neighbors.
    According to a July 10 WBTV On Your Side story, Lancaster County Auditor Susan Hunter Wallace said her office is gathering information to ensure new residents are complying with vehicle property taxes. But she isn’t sure if non-compliance is an issue because the county hasn’t had a compliance officer since 2017.

  • Letter: We must remedy gun violence of all kinds

    As a teacher, I am addressing, with urgency, the inaction of some of our elected officials, as well as our citizenry. While mass shootings are justifiably of concern, there are hundreds of other shootings that occur daily.
    Domestic violence, suicide and urban violence also take a toll on victims, families and communities. Inner-city children in particular experience trauma by the violence in their neighborhoods. This translates into the inability to learn, which perpetuates the cycle of poverty in these communities.

  • Letter: Trouble ahead? Small companies lose 105K jobs in past 3 months

    The Labor Department released its national jobs report last week indicating that the country added 164,000 jobs in July. Another report, from the ADP Research Institute, put the national increase at 156,000.
    But the ADP report showed that small businesses with fewer than 20 employees shed 18,000 jobs in July. This was the third month in a row of jobs lost from these small businesses. They were down 50,000 in May and 37,000 in June.

  • Letter: What’s next for Wilma Faile?

    I enjoy Brian Melton’s articles. Especially the recent one about Wilma Faile after the passing of her husband Ronnie.
    Wilma’s skunk story in 2015 was so funny. We enjoyed visiting her and Ronnie at that time. Wilma is a talented person on anything she does.
    Wilma’s paintings of her husband were perfect. I enjoyed watching her at work on them. Wilma is a creative person. What’s next, Wilma? Can’t wait to see.

    Nancy Vincent

  • Letter: Reader enjoys story about Wilma Faile

    I am writing regarding the article about Wilma Faile and her artwork. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the heartwarming story. Wilma’s artwork is such a special way to honor her husband Ronnie.
    Thank you for writing stories about such special people.
    I look forward to reading more stories about Wilma Faile.
    Peggy Westbrook
    Rock Hill


  • Letter: Thank you for Poland’s columns

    Thank you for including a guest column, written by Tom Poland, in one of the weekly editions of The Lancaster News. Often times, it is accompanied by a wonderful picture.
    He is recording the passage of rural American with a tenderness that is not oversentimentalized.
    He takes ordinary people, places and things, and weaves them into a story that captures heart-felt memories of the beauty and value of the commonplace.
    I look forward to the places he takes me each time I open the paper.

  • Letter: Norman, Graham should condemn Trump’s words

    An open letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Ralph Norman:
    I have a hard time believing that you did not step up to the plate (man-up) and denounce President Trump’s remarks to the four Democratic congresswomen. These four were elected to their seats just like you were and deserve respect, as you do.
    Have we come to a point where we should expect this kind of behavior from our president? The great Sen. John McCain would not have stood for this.

  • Letter: Oust Norman over 1st-responder vote

    Congressman Ralph Norman represents neither me nor my values.
    He voted last week against the First Responders’ Healthcare Extension, which would have continued health-care benefits for those disabled by their work at Ground Zero after the 9/11 terror attacks.
    This is not what 5th District residents support. Norman’s vote, one of only 12 nays in the U.S. House, is a clear indication that he is out of touch with the national will. We count on our first responders. We respect them and support them.

  • Letter: Public online school a welcome alternative

    My grandsons Clayland and Brayden were always high-achievers in school. Unfortunately, the distractions of a brick-and-mortar classroom became too much, and they couldn’t focus.
    Their teachers were great, but struggled to balance lessons and class discipline. The boys begged to be home-schooled. Since I don’t have a teaching background, I was hesitant to agree. Thankfully, we’ve found the perfect solution with online public school.