• Letter: Blame Obama for Iran tensions

    Tension is building around the world over Iran’s nuclear program. Who gets the blame? The United States and President Trump. 
    Who should get the blame? Barack Obama. He could taste a deal with Iran as his term ended. This would make his legacy! So hungry for a deal with Iran, he could see the prize. Yet his deal was a bad one.

  • Letter: How litter kills birds of prey

    Litter kills birds. Yes, if you see an owl, a hawk or another type of dead or injured bird of prey on the roadside, that’s likely the result of litter.
    When food, including apple cores and banana peels (which some people don’t consider litter), is tossed from vehicles, it attracts rodents that these magnificent birds feed upon. When they home in on this prey, they often ignore vehicles and are killed or injured in collisions.
    So all litter – even what you may consider compostable or natural – is destructive.

  • Letter: Lancaster County’s Transportation Committee is working properly

    Much of Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom’s May 22 column on the gas tax dealt with state policy issues, and I defer to the legislature on any response.
    I did want to reply to one section where he wrote that gas tax money sent to the County Transportation Committees “…fails to square with the ‘road-repairs only’ pledge, especially since the state has little oversight of how the counties use these dollars….”

  • Letter: Thanks to supporters of arts in our schools

    I am the music teacher at Heath Springs Elementary School. Because of grant funds we receive each year from the South Carolina Arts Commission, we were able to have another great school year of increasing and improving our arts education.
    We purchased congas and xylophones and other musical instruments, needed art supplies, two sets of choir risers and a hand-held cordless microphone.
    Our students were able to perform two musicals. We had guest professional performers and teachers in visual art, mime, puppetry, dance and brass band.

  • Letter: State Guard needs your help to fund boots on the ground

    The General Assembly has designated this month South Carolina State Guard Month to bring awareness about the important role this historic organization has played in the Palmetto State.
    As part of the commemoration, the S.C. Missions and Operations Support Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has launched the Boots on the Ground fundraising campaign to help with essential training and to purchase equipment and other necessities that would otherwise be out-of-pocket expenses for our volunteers.

  • Letter: Heath Springs health fair was fun and informative

    On April 27, I had the opportunity to take my son to the town of Heath Springs’ Health and Wellness Fair. We were invited by friends in Heath Springs.
    I was thoroughly impressed with the number of vendors, the health screenings, and events focused on the health of both adults and children.  

  • Letter: More north-south roads needed in county to handle growth

    Last week’s headline reads “Mega-sports complex at Lennar project?”  
    The article reads, “For several months, county leaders have been trying to find a suitable tract near the U.S. 521 corridor between Lancaster and Indian Land for a large sports complex with fields for baseball, football, soccer and lacrosse, as well as a gym.”
    This Indian Land resident says, “No more U.S. 521 destination buildouts.” We are at gridlock and southern county leaders don’t give a squat, as long as Indian Land remains their cash cow.

  • Letter: I hate to lose my Rite Aid

    Is it true that Rite Aid will be closing in a few weeks, the one on Main Street?
    I am a big user of Rite Aid, especially for medicine. I know big business does not care about the little guy, but I hope it’s not true. Rite Aid is very important to the downtown area.

    Larry Cohen

  • Letter: Community prayer event May 4 at Blackmon Park

    I’m writing to ask you to join us at Preston Blackmon Park in Lancaster this Saturday for our fourth-annual Prayer Banquet Revival. It’s a time to come together and lift up the name of God to strengthen our community.
    We need to pray for peace and purpose for ourselves, for each other, and for the representatives of our community, city, state and nation. Let us fellowship together and draw closer to God.

  • Letter: Electoral college forestalls tyranny

    Christine M. Taylor’s April 14 letter names President Trump a tyrant. I think she knows little of what the word means.
    She suggests doing away with the electoral college, stating that “majority rules.” But that is what brings about tyrants.
    The electoral college gives every state a meaning in the election. Majority rule would eliminate all of your middle America having a say in who gets elected. The east and west coasts would be the majority vote. One side would win the presidential elections every time. Now that leads to tyranny.