• Commentary: Graham on China: ‘We’re at that part in the trade war where you feel price increases at Walmart’

    Editor’s note: Sen. Lindsey Graham appeared Sunday on CBS News to talk about President Trump’s trade policy with China, which included a tweet last week ordering U.S. companies to prepare to leave China. Here are excerpts of Graham’s interview with “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan, just after White House adviser Larry Kudlow told Brennan the president has statutory authority to stop U.S. business activity in China.

  • Guest Column: Lancaster Girl Scouts travel, learn, help their community

    Girl Scouts of Lancaster have been on the go over the past year and having a great time as they learn, travel and help other people.
    The girls have had the opportunity to participate in many community service projects.
    Lancaster District AME Zion Group 970 helped with the Sickle Cell Foundation Festival. The girls passed out water, helped with games and led the parade. They really enjoyed this and are so excited to participate again.
    Girls from First United Methodist Church assisted with the lantern tour and other projects at Andrew Jackson State Park.

  • Guest Column: USCL: 60 years, going strong

    I bring you greetings on behalf of USC Lancaster’s Sixtieth Anniversary Committee members who are planning and preparing for activities and events to celebrate 60 years of educating our community.

  • Staff Column: I will never forget Lilly Schroeder

    I sat for six days in the Lancaster County Courthouse, focused on the short life of Lilly Schroeder and the terrible way it ended.

    Last Monday, the person accused of beating the 3-year-old to death was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

    Most of the time, I can compartmentalize the horrific things I hear and see behind courtroom doors – not dwelling on them until it’s time to write the story. But this case followed me home every night.

  • Guest Column: Critique of my name-calling ignores facts that back it up

    As I read Wednesday’s column regarding opinions versus facts by Dianne Evans, I had to somewhat agree.
    However, when I read the following – and I quote – I was a bit perplexed: “When one has no facts to contradict intelligent disclosure, one easily gives way to name-calling. Name-calling – such as “deplorables,” “racists,” “homophobic,” etc. – should be recognized often as an easy way to respond to an argument when one knows no logical way to refute its claims.”

  • Guest Column: Update: Roads my Facebook posters want to know about

    South Carolina’s fuel tax has increased by a total of 6 cents over the last three years. Hopefully, the cost seems justified now that resurfacing projects are seen in every direction.

  • Guest Column: College president million-dollar club growing in South Carolina

    As the new University of South Carolina president, Robert Caslen likely will be paid far more than the $650,000 salary that was reported after the school’s board of trustees hired him to run the state’s biggest university.
    Caslen, a retired Army lieutenant general and former West Point military academy president, succeeds the retiring Harris Pastides, whose total annual compensation, according to his latest income-disclosure statement, was nearly $1.15 million.

  • Guest Column: Opinions need not always be linked to facts

    This is an opinion page. Here, readers are invited to share their opinions with others – as we do with boldness.
    Opinions, for the most part, are based on feelings, beliefs and attitudes. Opinions are not necessarily fact-based. Nor do they need to be. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, and in a free society we honor freedom of speech.

  • Guest column: America needs a much shorter presidential election season

    It’s just August, with 15 months before the next U.S. presidential election, and the campaigns are in full swing.
    Are you tired of this yet? If you are, there is an answer: we should start moving toward a new schedule for the 2024 election.
    First, we should examine our present system and review our objectives. The reason we have presidential elections periodically is to allow the citizens to evaluate the operation of government and decide on the person who will lead us for four years, largely based on what they say they stand for.

  • Guest column: Creating a place that draws us back

    When we started this summer internship focused on the future of Lancaster’s downtown, we were not terribly optimistic at first.
    It seemed a task too big for three “Simterns” (interns at the J. Marion Sims Foundation) to handle. Plus, we’re long-term residents of this area, and almost all we can remember about downtown is more of the same.