Ways to Thank You Sponsor

15 ways to thank your sponsor!

1. Have your students write thank-you notes to your sponsor.

2. Have your students design cards or draw pictures for your sponsor.

3. Send your sponsor a completed NIE lesson that you have done with your class.

4. Send a photo of your class.

5. Have all students draw a picture of how they use the newspaper and bind them into a book for your sponsor.

6. Have the students do a poster of their handprints in finger paint and sign their names to the handprints. (This is great for displaying!)

7. Write a note to your sponsor explaining why/how you use the newspapers in your class.

8. Shop at, support and patronize your sponsor's business, and when you go in, mention to the clerk or owner that the business is your sponsor.

9. Have the students make a collage showing their appreciation for the sponsor using images, words or letters cut from the newspaper. The sponsor could display it in the place of business.

10. Research your sponsor's business with your students. What types of jobs, products or services are offered? Make a poster and deliver it to your sponsor with a note explaining what you did.

11. Have the kids pose for a class photo and mount it in the center of a poster board. Have all the students sign on the thank-you poster, which then can be displayed in the store or window.

12. Have the students design a thank you in the form of a newspaper's front page. Headline could be something like KIDS FROM ABC SCHOOL THANK XYZ BUSINESS. Stories could be all about the business and what the kids are doing with the newspapers in class.

13. Make a video of the class and have the kids read poems or letters they have written, act out a news brief or even sing a song. Send it to your sponsor.

14. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper publicly thanking your sponsor. Clip and send a copy to your sponsor.

15. Make a large thank-you card with each student giving a reason why he or she likes using the newspaper in the classroom.