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  • Devils seek state crown

    By Travis Jenkins

    Landmark News Service

    Blackville-Hilda is in for a surprise today.

    The Fighting Hawks knew they would be battling 40 or so players dressed in red and black, but they probably had no idea they’d have to take on an entire town.

    As the Great Falls Red Devils prepare for their first shot at a state title in 16 years, the level of excitement around the already football-crazy town has been ratcheted up. Red Devils supporters aren’t just lending their vocal support though, they’re pitching in.

  • Mr. Bethea top-notch country guy

    Few Thanksgivings pass without a thought of a past family tradition dating back to my childhood. On Thanksgiving night, we would pack into the family car and head out to, as some folks say, “the country.”

    When we moved from Normandy Road to Sherwood Circle when I was in the fourth grade, we thought we were moving to “the country,” but amid pines, oaks and dogwoods, we were still in the city limits.

    When we motored out S.C. 903 on those Thanksgiving nights years ago, we were in “the country,” the home of Mr. Willis Bethea.

  • Picks’ crown, frown at stake this weekend

    It all comes down to this weekend.

    The 2007 Pigskin Picks crown and frown will be decided over the next few days.

    The new champion will be decided as Picks leader Ernie “Big E” Rowell takes a two-game edge into the last picks for 2007.

    He’s in a battle for the Picks title with Robert “How We Luv The Little Rascals” and “Cotton Jenny” Hartley.

  • Woman wants stolen purse with important IDs returned

    On Nov. 16, my pocketbook was stolen from me in K-Beauty Hair Product Store. I had all my identification in there. I also had my mother, brother and deceased grandmother’s identification in there. I had cash and a camera which contained pictures of my grandmother lying in her casket at the funeral home.

    To the thief or thieves, God will intervene with you. There is a saying that goes “you will reap what you sow.”

    While I’m mourning the death of my grandmother, you took something of sentimental value from me.

  • County to combine polling places

    The state's early primaries are causing problems for the Lancaster County Voter Registration office.

    The office is having to combine several precincts because not enough funding came from the state to run the primaries locally, and there are also issues with programming the voting machines for two primaries in one week.

    The Republican primary will be held Jan. 19, with the Democratic primary a week later on Jan. 26. Both are Saturdays.

  • Soldier home on leave after 15-month deployment in Iraq

    A local family is thankful this season to celebrate the safe return of two young soldiers from Iraq.

    Diane Moore was pleased to see two of her children, U.S. Army Spc. Robert Fach, 21, and U.S. Army Sgt. Danielle Fach, 23, return safely from their deployment in Iraq.

    Moore said she's been afraid for her children's safety.

    While they were gone, every time she heard the 82nd Airborne mentioned on television, she got an eerie feeling.

    "It's nice to have them home for a while," Moore said, although she doesn't know how long that will be.

  • Patrol to be out in force this holiday

    The S.C. Highway Patrol has a friendly warning for motorists: They'll be closely watched over the Thanksgiving holidays.

    The Highway Patrol is preparing for heavy travel by calling out additional manpower resources.

    All Highway Patrol personnel in the state, from Highway Patrol Col. Russell Roark on down, will be patrolling during the holiday period, which starts at 6 p.m. today and runs through midnight Sunday.

  • Healing Horses heals her

    INDIAN LAND – Tucked away in the Black Horse Run neighborhood, on one acre of land, is a place where horses hurt on the outside get healed on the inside.

    Resident Katie Holme runs Healing Horses, a program for abused horses. Horses like Dakota Messenger, a Standardbred she recently found at an auction, come to Holme in bad shape, with cuts and wounds over their dingy coats, ribs and hip bones jutting out from starvation and the baggage of behavior problems that come from being mistreated.

  • It took team effort to honor veterans at area events

    Last week, an article in The Lancaster News reported an event and provided a picture of me with a flag presented by the Andrew Jackson High School JROTC. There was also a brief story. I thank you for the article and would like to provide the rest of the story.

  • Officer verifying residency status

    Questions have recently arisen regarding vehicle stops in the Indian Land area. I would like to explain the rationale for these stops.

    As most residents are aware, Lancaster County has begun an initiative to locate residents who are not properly paying South Carolina taxes on property subject to such taxation. One of our first efforts involves vehicles that are not properly taxed.