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  • Does racism exist in Lancaster County?

    I am a 62-year-old woman and a native of New Jersey. I worked 12 years as a ward/health coordinator at Bergen Pines Hospital in New Jersey. And I have worked in management positions for more than 30 years.

    I have worked with the public for many years and never encountered anything like I did after moving to Lancaster.

    At my place of employment a young, white man called me a racial slur. I felt degraded and overwhelmed when he made the remark.

  • Do you need to aerate your pasture?


  • EMS employees receive recognition

    Lancaster County Emergency Medical Service recently recognized some of its workers.JanetCauthenwasnamedAuxiliaryMemberoftheYear,ChrisTaylorwasnamedPart-TimeEmployeeoftheYearandGregBrasingtonwasnamedEmployeeoftheYear.MorrisRussellandChrisNunnerysharedtheFirstResponderoftheYearaward.Elevenmedicsreceivedawardsfortheiryearsofservice:DonaldHyattfor30years;ChuckPayne,DavidCampandLannyBernardfor20years;LenRobinsonfor15years;TimClemmer,StaceyWalden,KellySnipesandMicheleRobinsonfor10years;andRussellRogerandTammyVincentforfiveyears.

  • Medical IT firm to locate in IL


  • Listening Center is a support center

    Listening Center is a support center

    The residents of Lancaster, Chester and York counties are all facing some fast changes in the economy and in lifestyles.

    As these changes happen, more and more people may face challenges that lead to a downturn in their everyday life and may have feelings of hopelessness with no one to turn to.

    This is just a reminder that the Listening Center in Lancaster is a referral and support center with an ear.

  • 30-pound rabbit delights local special needs clients


  • Writer questions leash law enforcements

    I agree wholeheartedly that the responsibility of an animal, dangerous or not, lies solely with the owner.

    I would like to ask Lancaster County Council members and committee members to strengthen the response to an animal complaint.

    I understand complaints as Animal Control's responsibility, as it should be.

  • For peep's sake; Students learn about life cycle by hatching eggs

    It’s been much louder in the second grade classrooms at Buford Elementary School this week. Teachers Jackie Anthony, Tara Broome, Terry Cauthen, Julie Craig, Buffy Eason, Deborah Elliott and Lee Anne Robinson are having trouble keeping these rowdy, rambunctious noisemakers in line, too.No, it’s not students anxious for Easter break who are causing the ruckus.

  • John Q. Public has right to know

    He wasn't getting into a "challenging" contest with an elephant. The context is not verbatim. I can't print what he really said here, but you get the idea.

    He - head of a state department, whose salary is paid by taxpayers - was the challenger and I was the elephant. I have a prominent nose and I had gained some weight. But I decided not to take the comment personally.

  • Groups to sponsor Light of Hope Vigil