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  • Gas prices rise due to Gulf Coast hurricane

    The countless plastic bags that covered gas pump nozzles on Friday told the story.

    As Hurricane Ike made its way toward the Texas Gulf Coast late last week, concern arouse regarding the price and availability of gas. The storm, which hit Texas early Saturday, forced several refineries in that area to shutdown.

    The national impact was evident around Lancaster County, as gas stations raised their prices and motorists scrambled to top off tanks in fear that fuel would run out.

    Olisha Davis heard rumors Thursday that gas in the area would increase to $5 a gallon.

  • Hearing set on proposed tax increase

    Residents who would like to have their say about a proposed property tax increase to cover costs associated with the fire at the Lancaster County Courthouse may address County Council during a special meeting Monday night.

    The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and includes a public hearing on the proposed tax increase. Council is expected to hold final reading of an ordinance to raise taxes during the meeting.

  • Historical Commission reprints 1972 book on Haile Gold Mine

    Historical Commission reprints 1972 book on Haile Gold Mine

    Denyse Middleton

    For The Lancaster News

    A book sale and reception is planned for the reprint of a 36-year-old book about Lancaster County's famous gold mine.

    To expand the knowledge of the Haile Gold Mine, the Lancaster County Historical Commission decided to reprint the book, "Death of a Gold Mine."

    It has taken nearly four years to have the book reprinted, said Melody Craig, chairwoman of the historical commission. Sandlapper Publishing of Orangeburg did the 2008 reprint.

  • WIS-TV weatherman visits Heath Springs Elemementary

    HEATH SPRINGS – When Ben Tanner visited Heath Springs Elementary School on Wednesday, he was treated a little like a rock star.

    As the Columbia weatherman walked inside the building, he was greeted with screams, posters, thunder sounds and weather-esque music.

    But Tanner didn't come to play the star. He came to educate.

    After taking pictures with the entire student body in the gym, he spoke with the fourth-graders about weather.

  • Harris team's 59 tops Rotary tourney field

    For the second straight year in the annual Rotary golf tournament, the Mark Harris team has posted a narrow win.A year ago, the Harris foursome prevailed in a card playoff with a birdie.This time, Harris teamed Jerry Williams, Gerald McInnis and Jerry Seegars to shoot a 59 for a one-shot win.“A win in this tournament was pretty good work because this was our strongest field in recent memory,” tournament director Evan Scott said.

  • 2 men robbed at post office

    Jesef Williams


    Two men were robbed in separate incidents at the Lancaster post office on North Main Street within a week.

    Police say the robberies may be related.

    A Lancaster man reported to police Thursday that he was held up at gunpoint inside the post office.

    The man, 39, walked in to buy a stamp and was about to place an envelope in the box when another man entered, according to a Lancaster Police Department incident report.

  • Three Dog Night comes to USCL

    From 1969 to 1974, nobody did pop music better than Three Dog Night and they have the hits to prove it.American music icons, the group’s name allegedly came from the practice of indigenous Australians sleeping in holes dug in the ground with dingos to stay warm (if the night was especially cold, it was a “three dog night”).But some say that story is up for debate.What is not up for debate is the numbers that the group put up in the early 1970s with their smooth, polished vocals.Inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2

  • Fishing never the best part

    I recall reading somewhere that fishing is now a sport. That’s not necessarily the case.It can’t be very sporting for the fish unless he is as big as Jaws.As boys, we didn’t have to worry about size, too much and we sure didn’t have to worry about the limit. To me, this fishing was never the fun part. Getting ready to go, was.I didn’t have to worry about running down to the nearby bait shop, either.

  • No matter how you vote, you are going

    Buried in the Sept. 5 advertising section is the Lancaster County Election Notice which includes, among other voter choices, the issue of a 1 percent increase in sales taxes. Many folks have been hearing about the $33 million cost of a new courthouse. Well, the sales tax question relates to an amount not to exceed $42,400,000.

  • Mix treatment methods to control pond weeds

    Do you have weeds growing in your pond?Would you like to know how to get rid of the weeds?Then the Clemson Extension Office in your county can help.If you have a pond, you understand the severity in which pond weeds can rapidly establish in still water.Each year throughout the Southeast, local, state and federal government agencies spend millions of dollars controlling aquatic weeds in public waterways.