Today's News

  • BHS hosts Founders play



    The 10th annual Founders Kickoff Scrimmage is set to be played at Buford High School on Friday, Aug. 23.

  • ‘Fore the Kids’ tourney reset



    Due to the forecast for heavy rain in the area, the annual “Fore the Kids” golf tournament, slated for Thursday, June 6 at Edgewater Golf Club, has been moved to Thursday, June 13.

  • CPTC captures 41 awards at Battle of the Borders meet

    The Columbus Parker Track Club, a Lancaster area youth track club, captured 41 awards at the recent Battle of the Borders meet in Inman.

    The CPTC competed in a field of 1,200 athletes and received recognition for finishing 13th out of 33 teams.

  • Oldest trees on earth are amazing

    A recent email from an old friend reminded me of a trip I took in the summer of 1991. It was a pilgrimage to see the oldest trees on Earth.

    That journey required flying across the continent and then traveling winding, steep, scary roads high into the White Mountains of California’s Eastern Sierras. Finally reaching the part of Inyo National Forest known as the Ancient Bristlecone Forest was like arriving on a moonscape.

  • Time to limit government overreach

    The nation learned in May that the Justice Department secretly obtained the phone records of more than 100 Associated Press reporters and monitored Fox News reporter James Rosen’s personal email and cell phone records, branding him a “possible co-conspirator” in a classified leak case for asking questions to a government source.
    These revelations sent shock waves throughout newsrooms nationwide. Reporters can no longer assure their sources that interviews will remain confidential because there is no way to tell whether the government is listening.

  • School choice, though limited, is a victory for S.C. families

    There are few things that bring me more pleasure as chairman of the S.C. Republican Party than praising our state’s elected officials for focusing on truly meaningful reforms. Recently, members of our state Senate did just that.
    For more than a decade, school choice has been a big part of the national dialogue on education reform. In fact, 22 other states currently have school choice programs. That number is growing year after year.

  • Sign up for Arts & Sciences Camp

    I recently read a story that related how learning to play music can help trauma victims.

    This article was about the “Guitars for Vets” initiative.
    It was fascinating to learn about the mission of this organization and how much it has grown nationwide – to more than 25 chapters.

    The program offers one-on-one free guitar lessons (and a loaner guitar) to veterans who suffer from mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of war, deaths, injuries or other disasters.

  • Summer is finally here

    I made it through May, in real good shape.
    Of course, I had to go over to Central School and walk around that May Pole, wrapping a strip of colored crepe paper while bunches of children from all over town stood in little huddles and sang songs nobody knew.
    It might make our teachers and principals happy but it sure seemed like a waste of time to me.
    Betcha if they just passed out Dixie cups of chocolate ice cream we would’ve had more fun.
    It’s always amazed me how grown-ups can mess up a good thing.

  • Fun without a 'lofty' cost

    The Lancaster arts scene is putting its collective talents together in an effort to benefit local non-profit organizations, thanks to a series of fundraising events that began in February.

    Christina Chastain, gallery owner at Chastain’s Studio Lofts, said a very successful annual Christmas party and seven years of experience working with non-profit organizations were what started her thinking about how the gallery could do more to reach out to the community.

  • Four stranded after boat runs out of gas

    Braving darkness and a light rain, a team of emergency responders rescued a family trapped on a tiny boat in the Cedar Creek Reservoir on Sunday night, June 2.

    Comprised of members from at least five different agencies, the rescue team was called to action after a 911 call alerted them to the stranded family about 9:30 p.m.