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  • Adrian Bracey: ‘I’ve got my life back, my sanity’

    Adrian Bracey lost out on his dream job as a welder 10 years ago. He tried to smuggle someone else’s urine into the drug test, getting caught when the technician noticed that it wasn’t warm.
    These days, Bracey doesn’t worry about the random drug tests at work. He almost looks forward to being selected, because he knows he will pass every time.

  • Cortney Hegler: ‘You have to learn to love yourself again’

    Five years ago Cortney Hegler fell into an addiction that damaged her relationships with her family, landed her in jail and took her away from her kids.
    Trapped in a self-destructive lifestyle, she would do almost anything to get high, including stealing from relatives.
    “It just took me down a long, dark road,” the 29-year-old said last month.
    Hegler, who recently graduated from the 6th Circuit Solicitor’s Adult Drug Court Program, became addicted to drugs after being prescribed pain pills for kidney stones.

  • Kershaw new water/sewer bills overflowing with information

    KERSHAW – The monthly bills for the town’s 1,281 water and sewer customers have a new look.  
    No longer postcards, the new bills are letter-sized invoices folded into a regular business-size envelope with a return address.
    Customers got the new bills Sept. 3.
    “They’re already generating some positive feedback because we’re able to put more detail on them,” said town clerk Linda Watson.

  • Library cost-cutting gets project near $8M budget

    Needing to find $618,000 in cost cuts to stay within the county’s $8 million budget for library renovations, the county staff has found $450,000 in recommended savings so far and expects to find the rest soon.
    “We’re getting close,” said Lancaster County Council Chairman Steve Harper, discussing the renovations at Monday night’s council meeting.  

  • Schools, police investigating LHS sex video

    Three Lancaster High students have been recommended for expulsion after reports that a video on social media showed two of them engaging in sexual activity in a school restroom.
    Bryan Vaughn, safety and transportation director for the Lancaster County School District, said the three students apparently went into an upstairs restroom about half an hour after school ended and recorded the video.

  • AJHS celebrating 50 years

    Andrew Jackson High combined three different high schools – Kershaw, Heath Springs and Flat Creek – in 1969, with its first senior class graduating in 1970.
    Now, 50 years later, AJ alumni are coming together to reminisce about their time at the school.
    David Knight was one of the school’s first seniors, as well as student body president.

  • We do! Again!

    Don and Brandy Geraghty celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in an extra-special way this week.
    On a sunny Wednesday evening at Benford Brewing Co., the couple stood up in front of friends and family, with their three children beside them, and renewed the vows they made to each other 16 years ago.
    The laid-back, happy event not only paid tribute to the Geraghtys’ love story, but also their passion for community, and of course, craft beer.

  • County gets $807K federal opioid grant

    Lancaster County has received an $807,000 federal grant to expand its pioneering program that sends teams of deputies, paramedics and mental-health workers into the homes of opioid abusers, trying to enroll them in treatment programs.
    The infusion of funding, called the 1st Responders Grant, was one of two grants awarded Monday to S.C. recipients by the federal Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. The second grant – $1.97 million – went to the Medical University of South Carolina for drug-addiction research.

  • Annual 9/11 tribute
  • Parent charged with assaulting schoolteacher

    A Fort Lawn woman turned herself in to authorities Saturday and was charged with assaulting a teacher in a classroom at Southside Early Childhood Development Center.
    Jasmine Shonquelle Cousar, 26, was charged with third-degree assault and battery, and creating a school disturbance.
    According to Bryan Vaughn, safety and transportation director for the Lancaster County School District, Cousar was dropping off her child Thursday when the incident occurred.