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  • Staggering amount of rainfall coming to Lancaster County

    Lancaster County is expected to accumulate up to 13 inches of rain over the next three days, a sobering prospect for Darren Player, the county’s top emergency management official.
    “This storm is historic for us if it actually turns out to be what they’re predicting,” said Player, director of Lancaster County Fire Rescue.
    “We’ve not experienced this level of rainfall over the entire county. I suspect we’ll set new records as far as the 100-year flood zones go.”

  • Shelter opens for up to 125 at Buford High

    As Hurricane Florence pounded the coast and inched inland Friday, Lancaster County Emergency Management and the Red Cross opened an evacuation shelter at Buford High School.
    Leland Summers, a Red Cross volunteer and the shelter’s supervisor, urged residents to make the decision on seeking shelter before the storm worsens locally.
    “Don’t wait to decide,” he said. “Go ahead and do what you need to do. If you feel you need to go to a shelter, go now. Don’t wait.”

  • Deadly storm hits coastline, starts 3-day trek through heart of S.C.

    After making landfall on the N.C. coast about 7:15 a.m. Friday, Hurricane Florence is headed this way, though the massive 300-mile-wide storm isn’t in a hurry to get here.
    According to a Friday afternoon update from the National Weather Service, Hurricane Florence was centered about 35 miles east of Myrtle Beach and moving west at about 5 mph.

  • Hurricane Florence local update (10 a.m. Saturday)


    Here’s what we know this morning, based on latest local conditions from Hurricane Florence;

    • U.S. 521 between Heath Springs and Kershaw is blocked due to a downed tree that has power lines entangled in it. A Lynches River Electric Cooperative crew is en route to get the tree up.

  • Player: Don't get fooled by tropical storm

    Mark Manicone and Gregory A. Summers

    The Lancaster News

    Slow-moving Florence is expected to weaken into a tropical depression later today as it trudges westward across the state, but torrential rainfall is still expected in Lancaster County.

    “The main issue we may experience is the public being lulled into a false sense of security,” said Darren Player, director of Lancaster County Fire Rescue/Emergency Management.

  • Tropical-storm warning lifted for county

    The National Weather Service has lifted the tropical-storm warning for Lancaster County, though a flash flood watch remains in effect with heavy rains from former Hurricane Florence now drenching much of the Piedmont.

    Most wind speeds have dropped between 15-25 mph and the storm is almost stationary, though the potential remains for much stronger wind gusts throughout the night.

  • Tree crushes car, damages truck and house

    A huge oak tree crashed down about 4:30 p.m. in the 100 block of West Shiloh Unity Road, crushing a car and damaging a pickup and the home of Michele Horne.
    Horne and her children, Thomas and Kelly, were inside when it happened as the storm raged in their neighborhood just off U.S. 521 north of Lancaster. No one was hurt, and the house appeared to have avoided severe damage.
    "That tree was hollow and had three raccoons living in it," said Thomas Horne. "I knew it was going to come down when they said the hurricane was coming."

  • Flash flood warning issued for county

    The National Weather Service in Columbia has issued a flash flood warning for Lancaster County until 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 16.

    At 8:22 a.m., National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated heavy rain across the county.

  • Schools to close Monday

    County officials are asking local residents to limit travel as much as possible Sunday evening because multiple roads are blocked by fallen trees, downed power lines and flooding.

    Right now, Duke Energy has 3,184 power outages in the county and Lynches River Electric Cooperative has 276 customers without power.

    Hopefully, power should be restored to most of those before the evening is up.

  • County convenience sites reopen at 8 a.m. Tuesday

    After a four-day closing related to Hurricane Florence, the county’s 12 convenience sites will reopen at 8 a.m. Tuesday, said Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis.
    “The Republic Landfill in Lee County reopened this morning,” Willis said just before lunchtime Monday. 
    He said trash containers at the county sites are being picked up now, so they will be empty on Tuesday.
    Willis pleaded for frustrated users to “quit leaving bags of trash in front of the convenience sites.”