Local News

  • City sets start date of fire hydrant testing

    The Lancaster Fire Department has set a start  date of April 4 for its semi-annual fire hydrant testing throughout the city limits.

    The testing will continue throughout April and May. 

    All city fire hydrants will be tested to ensure they operate properly and produce the required water pressure when needed to fight fires. 

    The hydrant testing must be done during normal operating hours. 

    It is impossible to know in advance where or when testing will take place in any specific area. 

  • Three plead guilty to drug conspiracy

    COLUMBIA – Three Lancaster men have been sentenced to prison as part of  a drug conspiracy case. 

    Joseph M. Carter, 40, Christaan S. Morrow, 38, and Demond Wilson, 36, all of Lancaster, were sentenced Feb. 18 in federal court in Columbia. All three were charged with being involved in a drug conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine and 50 grams or more of crack cocaine, according to a press release from U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles. 

  • Two vying for Kershaw’s mayor post

    Jesef Williams
     KERSHAW – Town of Kershaw residents have been hearing about two candidates for mayor, though just one of those names will appear on the ballot.
    Kershaw Mayor Wayne Rhodes is seeking re-election against Donald McMaster, a fellow town resident who’s running a write-in campaign.

  • Man spits on officer after arrest

    A Lancaster man arrested for driving under suspension Saturday was later charged with spitting on an officer. 

    Mark Nicshea Barrett, 42, 412 West Barr St., Lancaster, was arrested on multiple charges after he was initially pulled over for speeding. 

    Barrett was charged with speeding, first offense driving under suspension and throwing of bodily fluids. He was also charged with disorderly conduct and failure to surrender a driver’s license. 

  • Council meeting times could change

    After concerns that its meeting schedule is inconvenient, Lancaster County Council discussed ways to accommodate both county residents and council members.
    Council discussed revising its meeting day and time, as well as a new committee review process, as possible changes to the county code at its Feb. 1 meeting.

  • FOIL seeking concrete answers

    A group of Indian Land residents met with Lancaster County Council members Feb. 1 to bring council members up to speed on the issue of concrete plants near their homes. They also expressed frustration with what they see as the county’s lack of action on the issue.
    Friends of Indian Land (FOIL) is a nonprofit advocacy group formed in 2007 by residents of the Lakeview Landing and Brookchase neighborhoods to gain relief from concrete plants located in the nearby 521 Perimeter Commerce Park.

  • Snow big deal?

    It slowed traffic, closed schools and turned parking lots into sheets of ice, but did last month’s snowstorm break the county’s bank accounts?
    Not as much as you’d think it would, say county officials.
    Despite the severity of the storm, which dropped between 6 and 10 inches across the county and created slick spots on roads that were impassable for days, Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis said cleaning up the snow didn’t significantly strain county finances.

  • The soundtrack of Black America

    It’s hard for Dennis Jones to explain the concept of chords and octaves. He’d rather spend that time trying to convey the immaculate feeling soul music gives him.
    Jones, a Lancaster native who’s played the keyboard for more than 30 years, breaks out into a rhythmic clap and dance routine on the spot. With no radio or instruments around, he imagines an upbeat drum cadence while pretending to play a piano melody at the same time.
    He says there’s nothing else in life that can give him such a thrill.

  • Blacks made positive impact on all races

    February is when we take time to celebrate Black History Month.      In previous editorials, we’ve said we wished there was no need to single out one month a year to recognize the accomplishments of one race who fought so long for equal rights.
    The accomplishments of blacks throughout the centuries should be integrated in history books right along with the accomplishments of others – such as Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Meriwether Lewis and  William Clark.  

  • Car smoke leads to house fire in IL

    Nathan Pierce was shocked to see smoke suddenly coming from his 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix on Thursday evening. 

    Pierce, an Indian Land resident, had parked his car in the garage of his Hattington Drive home and went inside. But while he was cooking, he started to smell smoke.

    About 6:15 p.m., he stepped back into the garage, where smoke was coming from the front driver’s side of his car.