• Lancaster County School Board District 5: Melissa Jones-Horton

    ◆ Age: 52.
    ◆ Family: Husband, Douglas Horton; son, Kendrick Jones; daughter, Makina Horton.
    ◆ Education: Lancaster High School, Simmons Beauty College.
    ◆ Occupation: Educator, business owner.
    ◆ Political experience: None.
    ◆ Top issues:
    To me, the biggest issues facing the school district are the dropout rate, the lack of partnerships and fair pay for our teachers and staff.
    ◆ How do you intend to deal with those issues?

  • Lancaster County School District Board District 3: Bobby Parker

    ◆ Age: 59.
    ◆ Family: Married to Heidi Parker. Two daughters, Sara Morris  and Anna Parker.
    ◆ Education: Associates degree in science, USC Lancaster.
    ◆ Occupation: Allstate insurance sales.
    ◆ Political experience: Sixteen years on Lancaster County Board of Education. Chairman for nine years.
    ◆ What do you see as the biggest issues facing Lancaster County?
    – The increasing population in the northern part of the county.
    – Continuing to address school safety.
    ◆ How do you intend to deal with those issues?

  • Lancaster County School District Board District 3: John Mahaffey

    ◆ Age: 60.
    ◆ Family: Wife, Barbara.
    ◆ Education: Graduated from Buford High School in 1976. Associate degree, York Tech, 1977.
    ◆ Occupation: Co-owner, Mahaffey’s Used Cars and Parts Inc. Retired teacher, Buford High.
    ◆ Political experience: None.
    ◆ Top issues:
    – Building schools on time. No school should be built with a flat top. Building should be built as originally planned.
    – Teachers are overworked and underpaid.
    ◆ How do you intend to deal with those issues?

  • S.C. House District 45: Brandon Newton

    ◆ Party: Republican
    ◆ Age: 24
    ◆ Family info: Married to Allison Newton, a registered nurse. Son of Danny and Donna Newton.
    ◆ Education: Lancaster High graduate. Associate degree in business, USC Lancaster. Bachelor’s degrees in organizational leadership and liberal studies, University of South Carolina.
    ◆ Occupation: Outreach Associate, University of South Carolina Lancaster

  • Lancaster City Council District 5: Mike DeMarco

    ◆ Age: 35.
    ◆ Family: Parents Robert and Susan DeMarco, two older sisters. Engaged to Carmon Bailey and we have a son, who is 9 and attends North Elementary.
    ◆ Education: I graduated from Lancaster High School and continued my studies in business management, leadership and IT, earning multiple certifications.
    ◆ Occupation: Supervisor in the operations center for Companion Data Services.
    ◆ Political experience: Lancaster County Board of Assessment and Appeals, SC Blues Federal Political Action Committee.
    ◆ Top issues:

  • Lancaster City Council District 5: James "Butch" Flynn

    ◆ Age: None listed.
    ◆ Family: Two sons.
    ◆ Education: None listed.
    ◆ Occupation: None listed.
    ◆ Employer: None listed.
    ◆ Political experience: Two terms on the Lancaster County Planning Commission, including one as vice chair. One term on the Lancaster County Community Relations Commission.
    ◆ Top issues:
    Jobs, roads, Lancaster Police Department, downtown growth. Our city needs to be more appealing to companies and residents coming in. We need a growth plan for our city.

  • Water pressure problems baffle Kershaw so far

    KERSHAW – There is a water mystery brewing in Kershaw that town officials are trying to figure out and fix.
    Residents on the west side of town have been noticing sudden losses of water pressure and occasional bouts of cloudy water, said Kershaw Administrator Mitch Lucas.
    “You can basically tell because the shower doesn’t run as forceful as it normally does, things like that,” said Lucas, who lives on that side of town.
    Ruptured Lancaster County Water and Sewer District lines that supply water to the town caused the discoloration.

  • Sheriff’s office lists unclaimed property

    Deputies with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office often come across unclaimed, lost or abandoned property during the course of their duties.
    Per departmental policy, when a deputy takes possession of this property, it is placed into evidence for safekeeping. The office then works to identify owners and reunite them with their property. 
    After a 90-day period and exhausting all reasonable efforts to find legal property owners, the sheriff’s office is allowed by state law to dispose of the items.

  • HSE’s 1st student leaders drop in at Heath Springs council meeting

    HEATH SPRINGS – Kaibre Silvers left town hall Tuesday night knowing how a real meeting is supposed to be conducted.
    The 10-year-old president of the Heath Springs Elementary School Student Council doesn’t know all the ins and outs of Robert’s Rules of Order just yet, but she has plenty of time to learn.
    “I think it was a good meeting and a good learning experience for us,” the fifth-grader said.
    Kaibre and her seven fellow student council members are the school’s first-ever student government.

  • DeVenny, Garris stress community roots, commitment to public service

    Lancaster’s season of rapid-fire mayoral elections is almost over, with Mayor Alston DeVenny and Mayor Pro Tem Tamara Green Garris competing Nov. 6 for the second time in four months.
    DeVenny defeated Garris and three other candidates July 10 in the special election to replace the late Mayor John Howard. The seat was up for election this year in November, but the vacancy happened early enough – in April – that a special election had to be held.