• Passenger in moving car shot in 16th Street incident

    A 21-year-old man was seriously wounded Sunday during a shooting in the 900 block of 16th Street in Lancaster’s Brooklyn neighborhood.
    The victim’s name has not yet been released, and no arrests had been made by press time Tuesday.
    Deputies were patrolling nearby Great Falls Highway around 7 p.m. when they heard gunfire, according to a statement from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.
    The deputies rushed to 16th Street on the south side of Brooklyn Avenue, and found fired shell casings there.

  • Cue the bullfrog…and…action!

    In a world plagued by a gigantic mutant bullfrog, a trio of pals in Cotton Springs, S.C., hunt the creature down, only to encounter adversaries even more deadly than their man-eating quarry.
    Can’t you just hear the trailer? With the late, great Don LaFontaine’s voice-over, of course.
    It’s for a sublimely silly B-movie, filmed entirely in Lancaster County with Lancaster-area actors by nascent local filmmaker Phillip Fleming.

  • Partying cops face blowback after tangling with deputies

    A number of Lancaster police officers are in hot water after a house party in Buford got out of hand and a responding sheriff’s patrol car ended up with a beer-soaked driver’s seat.
    Lancaster Police Chief Scott Grant said the July 14 incident is being handled as a personnel matter and all comments will have to come from City Administrator Flip Hutfles.
    After a meeting at the police department late Tuesday, Hutfles said only: “We are not at liberty to discuss the matter, but appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

  • College prank paralyzes IL man

    An apparent prank by two unknown strangers at a Virginia college campus has left Brandon Barnes, a 21-year-old ex-Indian Land High basketball player, unable to move his legs.
    Barnes just returned home after spending more than three months in a Norfolk hospital. He was injured March 29 while diving from a dock into shallow water at Old Dominion University’s sailing center.
    He has regained the ability to breathe on his own and can now move his shoulders and his left arm, but still has no dexterity in the arm or any feeling in his legs.

  • Long, hard days in Haiti

    Amanda Gaskin had never left the country and had never seen a clear blue ocean before June 2, when she and a small mission team took a trip to Fond Blanc in Haiti.
    The small construction crew stayed for a week, working tirelessly each day at an orphanage with no power or running water, before returning to America.
    The country is still suffering from a devastating earthquake eight years ago.

  • WWII, Korea vet Ira Williams dies at 100

    Ira Williams, a veteran of the D-Day invasion and the first Lancaster County soldier to enter Germany after the allies’ drive across Europe, died Thursday, five days after a huge crowd celebrated his 100th birthday.
    After ending World War II without a scratch, Williams continued his Army service and was severely wounded during the Korean War. He spent more than a year in the hospital.
    In 2007, The Lancaster News ran a two-part series highlighting his military career.

  • Kershaw gets state grant to refurbish golf course greens

    KERSHAW – A $35,000 state grant will rework eight putting greens and enlarge all the tee boxes at the Kershaw Golf Course, the next big step in a two-year effort to revitalize the once-faltering municipal facility.
    The grant, from the S.C. Department of Recreation and Tourism, will pay 80 percent of the project’s cost. The city will supply about $7,000.
    “This is a win-win for everybody,” said Mayor Mark Dorman. “Most of our 20 percent match will come in the form of labor and equipment.”

  • Flood-fighting, heelsplitter-saving wins national award

    The $877,000 Gills Creek project that both protected the endangered Carolina Heelsplitter and controlled costly floodwaters has earned Lancaster County national recognition.
    The National Association of Counties, meeting July 15 in Nashville, gave the county one of five 2018 transportation awards for its “Highways and Heelsplitters” project.
    “That’s pretty gratifying for us and our employees,” said Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis. “Gills Creek is flowing much better and the heelsplitters have a better home.”

  • Investors target 3rd major downtown site

    Another large, vacant building has been sold in downtown Lancaster and looks poised for redevelopment.
    Quietly, in March, investors identified in legal documents only as Main and Dunlap LLC purchased the 11,364-square-foot Kimbrell’s building in the heart of downtown at 106 S. Main St.
    A block in either direction, big renovation projects are already in the works.

  • Hats off to Wilkie McDow

    Emily Pollok and David Kellin
    The Lancaster News

    More than 150 people turned out Tuesday night to honor Wilkie McDow, who is retiring after a local culinary career that spanned more than six decades.
    The reception and fundraiser at USC Lancaster’s Bradley Building was organized by caterer Evelyn Springs, who worked with McDow for many years and calls him her mentor.
    Other event sponsors included Ell Close, Founders Federal Credit Union, Special Occasion Rentals and Winona’s Flowers & Gifts.