• We do! Again!

    Don and Brandy Geraghty celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in an extra-special way this week.
    On a sunny Wednesday evening at Benford Brewing Co., the couple stood up in front of friends and family, with their three children beside them, and renewed the vows they made to each other 16 years ago.
    The laid-back, happy event not only paid tribute to the Geraghtys’ love story, but also their passion for community, and of course, craft beer.

  • Library cost-cutting gets project near $8M budget

    Needing to find $618,000 in cost cuts to stay within the county’s $8 million budget for library renovations, the county staff has found $450,000 in recommended savings so far and expects to find the rest soon.
    “We’re getting close,” said Lancaster County Council Chairman Steve Harper, discussing the renovations at Monday night’s council meeting.  

  • Kershaw new water/sewer bills overflowing with information

    KERSHAW – The monthly bills for the town’s 1,281 water and sewer customers have a new look.  
    No longer postcards, the new bills are letter-sized invoices folded into a regular business-size envelope with a return address.
    Customers got the new bills Sept. 3.
    “They’re already generating some positive feedback because we’re able to put more detail on them,” said town clerk Linda Watson.

  • Adrian Bracey: ‘I’ve got my life back, my sanity’

    Adrian Bracey lost out on his dream job as a welder 10 years ago. He tried to smuggle someone else’s urine into the drug test, getting caught when the technician noticed that it wasn’t warm.
    These days, Bracey doesn’t worry about the random drug tests at work. He almost looks forward to being selected, because he knows he will pass every time.

  • Cortney Hegler: ‘You have to learn to love yourself again’

    Five years ago Cortney Hegler fell into an addiction that damaged her relationships with her family, landed her in jail and took her away from her kids.
    Trapped in a self-destructive lifestyle, she would do almost anything to get high, including stealing from relatives.
    “It just took me down a long, dark road,” the 29-year-old said last month.
    Hegler, who recently graduated from the 6th Circuit Solicitor’s Adult Drug Court Program, became addicted to drugs after being prescribed pain pills for kidney stones.

  • County tells IL developer it must pay for upgrades

    County council has rejected a request from the developer of a proposed 750-home Indian Land subdivision that the county issue $7.7 million in bonds to help build the water, sewer and road improvements that the project requires.
    The council, voting 4-3 Monday night, told the company to fund the infrastructure upgrades itself, as it agreed to when the county approved the project in March.
    Suncrest Real & Land plans to build the Sugar Creek subdivision on 355 acres along Harrisburg Road near the N.C. state line.

  • Hot day, huge fire

    Billowing 25-foot flames leapt from the roof of a Plantation Road house Wednesday afternoon, as fire crews fought to contain the huge blaze in punishing late-summer heat.
    A column of smoke could be seen from miles away, rising from 722 Plantation Road on the west side of Lancaster.

  • Retired Marine buys Leigh Ann’s

    After being run by a mother, and then her son, for almost 40 years, Lancaster institution Leigh Ann’s has found a new owner.
    But the popular downtown restaurant won’t be changing much from what regulars know and love, said Greg Lusk, who bought the business back in July and wants to continue its tradition of good food and great service.
    Lusk, an Indian Land resident who grew up in Austin, Texas, recently retired from the Marine Corps and discovered Leigh Ann’s when he started thinking about running his own restaurant.

  • Creepy movies, horrors galore at Craft Stand Friday the 13th

    The Craft Stand patrons will get the chance this week to celebrate Friday the 13th, a holiday for horror fans made popular by the 1980s movies.

  • Mission trip to Kenya

    A Lancaster County teacher stepped outside her comfort zone in July by traveling to Kenya, bringing home unforgettable memories and a new lease on life.
    Jill Laney, a 20-year schoolteacher at Erwin Elementary School, went on a mission trip to Kenya July 29. She said it had always been her dream to make the trip, and she connected with the locals in ways she never imagined.