Meet Your Neighbors

  • Meet Your Neighbor – David Hagins

    Name: David Hagins
    Age: 54
    Address: Hagins Road (named for my granddad)
    Family: Wife, Susan, 52; one daughter, Sadie, 17, and a son, D.J., 14  
    Pets: Three cats, one dog and three goats
    Job: Design engineer, Accutrex Products
    Church: St. Luke United Methodist Church
    Hobbies: Andrew Jackson High School sports (all of them)
    Favorite book: The Bible

  • Meet Your Neighbor – Tori Cunningham

    Name: Tori Cunningham

    Age: 16

    Address: Monroe Highway

    Family: Parents, Clarence and Andrea Cunningham; one sister, Jasmine, 24, and a brother, Trey, 14 

    Job: Student, Lancaster High School

    Church: Greater New Hope Christian Association

    Hobbies: Track, basketball and singing 

  • Meet Your Neighbor – Blake Finley

    Name: Blake Finley
    Age: 14
    Address: Camp Creek Road
    Family: Parents, Todd and Renee Finley; a sister, Madison, 19  
    Pets: A dachshund, Tanner
    Job: Student
    Church: Zion United Methodist Church
    Hobbies: Playing the guitar
    Favorite books: The Bible and “To Kill a Mockingbird”
    Favorite movie: “The Blindside”

  • Meet your Neighbor – Betty Knight

    Name: Betty Knight

    Age: 78

    Address: Flat Creek Road

    Family: Husband, the late Fred Knight; children, Ronnie Knight and Lynn Knight; five grandchildren and two great grandchildren

    Job: Homemaker

    Church: Hyde Park Baptist Church

    Hobbies: Cooking, crocheting and helping people

    Favorite book: The Bible

  • Meet Your Neighbor – Linda "Berta" Myers

    Name: Linda “Berta” Myers
    Age: 60
    Address: Hampton Road
    Family: Husband, the late Sgt. Sammie L. Myers; one child, Mario Myers, 36, and a grandson, La’Mario Myers, 15  
    Job: Southside Adult Family Literacy Center
    Church: Mt. Calvary AME Zion Church
    Hobbies: Coaching basketball and singing gospel songs
    Favorite book: The Bible

  • Meet Your Neighbor – Amanda Carnes

    Name: Amanda Carnes
    Age: 31
    Address: Providence Road
    Family: Husband, Brad, 31, and two daughters, Olivia, 4, and Lauren, 2  
    Pets: Two labs, Grace and Spirit
    Job: Director of Christian Education at Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church
    Hobbies: Reading, walking and spending time with my family
    Favorite book: The Bible

  • Meet Your Neighbor – Lew Weeks

    Name: Les Weeks
    Age: 40
    Address: Hilton Way Road
    Family: Wife, Tammy, 28; three children, Anna, 12, Dillon, 5, and Noah, 3  
    Pets: A dog, Mooch
    Job: Lancaster County tax collector
    Church: The Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
    Hobbies: Spending time with our children and helping with household chores

  • Meet Your Neighbor – Colleen Estridge

    Name: Colleen Estridge
    Age: 59
    Address: Flat Creek Road
    Family: Husband, the late Ferris Estridge; two children, Johnny Morrow and Lynn Morrow; two grandchildren and one great-grandchild  
    Job: Unemployed; I was the home health caregiver for my husband for three years
    Church: Baptist faith
    Hobbies: Gardening/flowers
    Favorite movie: “Gone with the Wind”

  • Meet Your Neighbor – Christopher Blackmon

    Name: Christopher Blackmon
    Age: 19
    Address: Hampton Road
    Family: Mom; Karen Evans, and stepdad Greg Proctor  
    Pets: A dog, Chance
    Job: I attend the University of South Carolina at Lancaster and also work at Adopt-A-Leader.
    Church: North Corner AME Zion Church
    Hobbies: Singing, dancing, acting, rapping and reciting poetry.

  • Meet Your Neighbor – Wayne Blakeney Sr.

    Age: 42

    Address: Taxahaw Road

    Family: A son, Wayne Blakeney Jr., 18, and a daughter, Shanequal Blakeney, 19  

    Pets: A dog, Spot

    Job: Lancaster County Maintenance

    Church: Rose Hill Baptist Church

    Hobbies: Fishing and playing pool

    Favorite book: The Bible

    Favorite movie: Any comedy