Young letter: USCL a Lancaster County treasure

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Come one, come all, and take notice of a treasure in Lancaster County. That treasure is the University of South Carolina Lancaster.
I am currently a full-time, degree-seeking student there, having retired a couple of years ago from the Lancaster County School District.
Last semester, I decided to see if this brain was still capable of studying and learning academically. I signed up for two classes in the fall 2014 semester – psychology and speech/public communications.  
I anticipated being an oddity on campus. Wrong, wrong, wrong! There is a mixture of ages in the student population, which includes non-traditional students, even senior citizens like me.
On every level, I found a sincere welcome and encouragement for my presence in the classroom and on campus.
Those two classes were going so well that I added an eight-week English poetry class to my slate and fell in love with poetry all over again.
I delightedly found that yes, my brain does still work. I am taking 13 hours this spring 2015 semester, so I am busy studying.  
The joy of being here among these wonderful students, professors and administrative staff continues to be exhilarating for me.  
The purpose of this letter is to encourage those of you who are toying with the idea of taking on a new path that will bring you a huge sense of accomplishment, as well as the pleasure of meeting new people to consider seriously signing up for a class or a few classes at this superb university.
I am meeting bright, dedicated students, caring, encouraging professors, and knowledgeable, helpful advisers through every door I walk and around every corner I turn.
This semester, it’s Spanish, abnormal psychology, geology and computer science classes that are challenging me.  The challenge brings with it satisfaction and the opportunity to grow myself.  
This semester’s second eight-week classes begin March 16, so I urge you to come over, check this place out, sign up to grow some dendrites in that excellent brain of yours, meet some new people, as well as run up on old friends.
We have only one life to live. USCL is a treasure in Lancaster County that offers all of us opportunities to live our very best lives. Don’t shortchange that great brain God gave you. USCL will help you tap into its abilities and possibilities.  
Karen Young