Writer questions cost of ankle bracelets

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By W.B. Evans

Everybody has an opinion and I am expressing mine which no doubt will leave me wide open to the regulars who load up the The Lancaster News’ Web page comments. One detractor suggested I return to my “Remember when” days and leave the governing to adults.

Well, sir, look at the kind of job the adults are doing.

Seems to me that Lancaster County has to come up with bunches of money or some good ideas  because, as explained by our elected or appointed officials and those, who frequently quote number and verse of the document which the state has so ordained, ordered, regulated or passed the buck.

Those inmates elected to the Statehouse must be sending the money somewhere, ‘cause it ain’t coming this way. Our own elected representative has been so busy running for John Spratt’s job, he is unaware that Lancaster County extends beyond Indian Land.

Sending criminals home with an ankle bracelet is the latest straw on the pile. Any idea as to how many jobs will be created to monitor the bad guys 24/7 and to ensure they  stay at home and don’t wander off to the convenience store around the corner or hold up the local check cashing facility?

We would  need to  hire additional law enforcement officers for quick response when a bracelet wearer steps off his porch and is heading for some mischief. I assume house arrest means you gotta stay in the house, not just close by?

On second thought, maybe this bracelet thing is OK. If an ankle bracelet can be programmed to determine  when a criminal is at home, why not program it to specific locations, for instance, a timed work schedule on a specific county road and then reprogrammed to reflect return to house arrest?

Betcha with all the computer experts from the textile and insurance businesses which have been, or are being phased out, there are many programming possibilities which could direct the bracelet wearers to more meaningful endeavors than serving time sitting around the house watching television.

Whatcha think?


W.B. Evans