Writer clarifies stance on nursing homes

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By The Staff

I’d like to respond to Tish Leonhardt’s letter, “Nurse: White Oak cares for its patients,” in the June 9 edition of The Lancaster News. I usually write my own letters, word for word, but the letter Mrs. Leonhardt is referring to was written by someone else.

When I viewed the words – sorry, I can’t remember where – I thought that it was very relevant to our society today. I wasn’t trying to plagiarize. I sent it in liking the thought it laid out.

First, I’d like to apologize to the author of the piece. Also, I’d like to apologize to Mrs. Leonhardt and all the hard working and caring people who work in nursing homes. Of course there are good nursing homes, but there are so many that meet the poor standards the letter stated. I tried to show the disparities in these two places – one where our loved ones go and the other where our criminals go. However, the treatment of both – generally speaking – is totally opposite of what it should be.

The gist of the letter was more toward the rights of the criminal than the elderly. Felons get the Internet, TV, telephone, gym, library, recreation time, health care, music, college degrees (while good citizens have to pay for theirs), conjugal visiting rights, three meals a day, many appeals to their cases, etc. These amenities are paid for by the law-abiding public. In nursing homes, the people have to pay for their care until their funds run out. Then the government takes over.

I thank Mrs. Leonhardt for replying to my letter and for letting the public know that her nursing home is one that respects the people who come there.

However, I think my letter must have been of some value. I received calls from two very nice ladies thanking me for it.

Ronald Hopkins