Writer challenges Jedson’s ‘facts’ about Obama

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Wow, I’m at a loss for words in response to Michael Jedson’s Feb. 1 letter, “Facts, without the whining and ranting.”

I mean the way you defend what is arguably the worst performing six years of economic history in America. Where have you been for six years?

In 2008, we were sold a bill of goods by President Barack Obama. He went around saying we live in the greatest country in the world, yet he wants to transform it to a European-style life. Didn’t we fight a war to break away from that kind of life? I have not seen words like your’s about a man since I read the Bible.

Obama is a man who has blatantly lied to the American people over and over again. If Obama walked on water, you would not be surprised.

You have lived in a liberal-controlled state most of your life.

Why would you move to a state that is controlled by the very same people you blame for everything? It wouldn’t have to do anything with being cheaper to live here, now would it?

Well, I have another simple question for you Mr. Jedson: If our economy is as wonderful as you describe, and if things are so much better now under this president, then why, Mr. Jedson, why did the American people – from the Eastern seaboard to the shores of California, from the Canadian boarder to the Gulf of Mexico – kick almost every Democrat out of office?

They gave Republicans its largest majority percentage-wise since the Civil War. We have more Republicans in the Senate, House and governorships than since you were in diapers.

I await you liberal propaganda-talking point response.

John P. Lage Jr.