Writer’s allegations are unsupported

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J.R. Wilt

Sheila Bickford has chosen to reply to my previous letter supporting Nikki Haley and Mick Mulvaney by making unsupported allegations and using material previously refuted.
Ever since Nikki Haley was unexpectedly brought into the spotlight, those discomfited by the possibility that she might assume a position of authority have responded by throwing unsupported dirt in her direction. She has been accused of having affairs, of failure to pay her taxes on time, etc.
I am sure that if she is elected governor there will be additional dirt dug up and thrown around without regard to truth or honesty.
This is because her message of fiscal responsibility and transparency and accountability in government poses a threat to many in the governmental establishment, Republicans and Democrats alike. Haley has denied the allegations of infidelity and the government is not pursuing her for tax evasion; nothing more seems necessary.
If you would like to see her positions I would invite you to visit her website, http://www.nikkihaley.com, and look at the Issues page. What you will find there is a prescription for good government and a serious threat to those profiting from the status quo a la Tammany Hall.
Regarding Mick Mulvaney’s Edenmoor experience, the matter was investigated extensively by this newspaper earlier this year. Mulvaney worked for a company that bought and sold property; that’s what real estate developers do. The profits are seldom huge and were not in this case. The investigation showed clearly that the Edenmoor problems were caused by the organization that purchased the property from the company that purchased the property from the organization for which Mick Mulvaney worked.
I would refer you to the SC TEA Party News (http://www.vanwyckpress.com, click on the SC TEA Party News link in the Organizations section). The article there contains links to the original articles in this paper.
Lancaster County does not believe Mulvaney owes it any money and he is not being sued over the matter.
Please stop throwing unsupported dirt around and start looking at the facts and the issues. You will find recipes for good government in both cases.

J.R. Wilt
Van Wyck