Wilt letter: Open letter to fans of a local sawmill

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I doubt there are many in Lancaster County who would oppose a properly sited sawmill; the objection is to an industrial I-2 use next to an undeveloped future recreational area on the Catawba River, particularly one on a road incapable of handling heavy truck traffic.
If the area is zoned I-2 and the sawmill moves out, there are many much less desirable uses that could move in without further review or approval, including landfills, slaughterhouses and the like.
There are many places in Lancaster County where a state-of-the-art sawmill would be more than welcome and where heavy duty roads, rail service, adequate power, etc., would be available.
My suggestion would be that you talk to Keith Tunnell, president of the Lancaster County Economic Development Corp. at (803) 285-9471. Keith is very good at what he does and should be in a position to find a suitable location for an I-2 zoned sawmill in Lancaster County.
J.R. Wilt
Van Wyck