Whittlesey needs to get facts right

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There are so many inaccuracies in Franklin Whittlesey’s “Wake Up, America” article in the Jan. 13 edition of The Lancaster News that I don’t know where to start. He must have gotten his information from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh or Michelle Bachmann – not reliable fact sources.
Let’s start with “All the president does is campaign.” This is a completely ridiculous statement since now happens to be time when all candidates begin their campaigns. What would you call the South Carolina primary?
The fact of the matter is that America was already “on its knees” when President Barack Obama took office. The National Bureau of Economic Research said the United States has been in a recession since December 2007, making official what most Americans have already believed about the state of the economy.
National columnist Paul Krugman’s article on Keynesian economics in the Charlotte Observer on Jan. 1 stated that “slashing government spending in a depressed economy depresses it further, austerity should wait until a strong recovery is well under way.”
In March 2011, the Republican staff of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee released a report titled “Spend less, owe less, grow the economy.” It ridiculed concerns that cutting spending in a slump would worsen that slump, arguing that spending cuts would improve consumer and business confidence, and that this might well lead to faster, not slower, growth.
Mr. Krugman notes that “they should have known better even at the time.” Obviously, two different points of view about the economy and job creation are evident.
When Mr. Whittlesey states that “everything that the government has had its hands into is bankrupt,” he seems to have forgotten the tremendous recovery made by GM and Chrysler after the government stepped in to save those two companies and all the jobs they represent.  In addition, most of the money lent by the government to banks has been paid back with interest and profit to us, the taxpayers.
The meltdown of the housing market started in 2006 with fuel added to the fire by companies such as CountryWide. Their greed led to falsifying non-documentation loan allocations and Wall Street’s packaging these securities without due diligence because there was little government oversight in place.
Obviously, Wall Street and big banks cannot self-regulate and then beg for bailouts. Why not get rid of “too big to fail?” It sounds simple, but the world’s economy is interdependent and one huge bank can bring down the entire world economy. Look into AIG.
You stated that this “administration has increased government jobs four times over.” Since January 2008, the federal government has grown 3.3 percent, gaining 98,000 jobs. That is not four times over.
How can you possibly say our “dollar is worthless?” It’s looking pretty good against the euro lately. It is still the most dominant currency in the world. Most of the world would not invest their money in U.S. Treasury securities and our stock market if our money was worthless.
Our country will not survive without compromise from all Americans, forget Republicans/Democrats/tea partiers.
You stated that there was a “known communist” on the president’s staff. Please name the known communist on Obama’s staff.
You sound very much like Sen. Joseph McCarthy in his long, degrading travesty of the democratic process. He was eventually stopped in 1954 when he was censured by an overwhelming acclamation by the U.S. Senate and later died as an alcoholic.
Hateful articles without factual backup do not help Americans learn about economics, regulations or what goes on in Washington. This country already has enough real problems to deal with.

Michael Jedson is an Indian Land resident.