What goes around does come around

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Shucks, I was just standing in the grocery check-out line with several items in my buggy and I noticed a young man with a couple of things in his hand.

Well, at my age, I don’t have too many urgent items on my agenda, so I suggested he go around me and not have to wait.

Well sir, he thanked me before moving ahead and then he thanked me after checking out. I thought he was kind since some folks move on and move out.

Then, later on in the day while at another business, a young man came up and said, “Didn’t we meet earlier at the market and you let me move up in the line?”

I said “yes,” and to add a scoop of cream on the subject, he told his friend standing next to him about our previous encounter.

Just goes to show you that a small act of kindness can go around full circle and come back real big.

By golly, I’m gonna try to show a little more kindness to others cause it feels so good when it comes back unexpected.

W.B. Evans