We must be a part of the solution

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Marquettia Stover

As Americans why do we blame everything on the president? Is it just that we must create a scapegoat to feel good about ourselves. Do we need someone or something to blame for every situation that occurs in America so we don’t have to get involved?
Our  economic issues and government problems did not occur over night. The current president nor any other president can fix these problems in just four years. At least we have a president who is trying to make changes, whether we agree or not.
We must realize that sometimes we learn from our mistakes. It may take some mistakes before we   realize success.
Some may view the president as an overseer and his job is to lead the United States. If he fails then it is his fault. But isn’t this our country, too? We can’t blame the president because we also play a role in what happens to our country.
If we, as Americans, stand together on issues, we can change the things we don’t like. But it will take more than one individual standing alone.
Our forefathers had the foresight to know that a strong federal government and a central banking system would create serious problems and burden Americans with debt for years.
When the great panic hit in 1907, wealthy bankers persuaded the president and other politicians that the only way to correct the problem was to create a central banking system.  
The wealthy bankers pushed for the central banking system fully knowing that they would become richer and Americans would begin to accumulate more debt.
-Do you know that Americans pay interest on money we borrow from our own central bank to keep our country going? We cannot expect the president to fix all of our problems. He is human and makes mistakes, too. We should not put all our trust in politicians and the president. It takes more than them to fix a problem. It takes all of us.
As Americans let us stand together to shake up the government issues on capital hill. It’s like the old saying, “if you can’t get something done right, you must do it yourself.”

Marquettia Stover
Winthrop student