Water tower logo reveals pride in community

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By The Staff

The Lancaster News puts forth great effort to print news, sports and special events from all areas of Lancaster County in a fair and unbiased manner.

On the editorial page, printed under the caption “opinion” the staff at the paper uses this column to give us their opinion on various topics that arise from time to time.

We, the readers of The Lancaster News, enjoy reading this section of the paper as various topics are featured on select topics concerning our county, state and nation. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees them this right.

There is always another viewpoint to most editorials which is really one person’s opinion. This becomes true when many of us from Indian land disagree with our view appearing in the Nov. 19 edition of the news under the caption “warrior logo should not be put on the new water tower.” We disagree with the article and would like to make a rebuttal.

First, the water tank is located on what was Indian Land school property before the Lancaster County Board of Education sold it to the Lancaster County Water and Sewer District without the knowledge of the citizens of Indian Land. The tank is located in the center of the school campus between the elementary and middle school.

Secondly, the writer states the district slogan “quality on top” makes sense for the district to use this as an identifier, especially since Indian land is a fast-growing community. This becomes hard to understand as an identifier. We say a true identifier for all newcomers and those passing through would be Lancaster County WSD and on the other side of the tower Indian Land – home of the Warriors.

The Lancaster County Council has selected the county motto to be “proud and progressive.” What better way for Indian Land to show their pride than to put it on the water tower for everyone to see and be proud of it.

Third, what would be wrong with having a water tower dedicated to Buford “Home of the Yellow Jackets,” or Andrew Jackson “Home of the Vols.” What would be wrong with Heath Springs letting the world know where you are – the same for Kershaw or Flat Creek. These would be true identifiers. This would surely help create pride in each of these communities.

This is not a new idea. As you travel to the beach, a water tank outside McBee has inscribed on one side “Alligator Water” and on the front, “McBee, Home of the Panthers.” If you go to Waxhaw, N.C., you know you have reached Waxhaw because it tells you on the water tower. In our own county seat, notice the water tank across from the Bradley Building on the University of South Carolina at Lancaster campus in bold print, “Home of USCL.” Now that is wonderful, that is pride, that is letting the world know.

Last, it has been stated it will cost about $10,000 to paint a logo. If the school or community wishes to see their logo along with Lancaster County Water and Sewer, then let them be responsible for the original cost of the printing plus the upkeep. This would make it a win-win situation with the community raising the $10,000 and saving the LCWD that amount of money.

If we are truly to be as our motto states, “proud and progressive,” let’s get off the mule-and-wagon way of thinking and let the world know this is Lancaster County with her various communities and we are proud of it.