Usher a natural in his duties

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Jack Usher did his job with little fanfare, but his work as a 911
dispatcher with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office was outstanding.
Usher, who first joined the department as a deputy, devoted half his life – 25 years – to law enforcement.
Skills he learned as a deputy were used in his later years as a 911
dispatcher at his post in the sheriff’s office.
Earlier this month, Usher died following a sudden illness and the impact of his loss has been felt among the department and its employees, Usher, going back to his days as a deputy, had a keen knowledge of county roads and a unique way of giving directions to deputies on a call.
“You make a right and then turn at the big oak tree – he knew what
 nformation the officers needed when dispatching them to a call,”
Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said.
Usher could be characterized as a “model employee.”
He was dependable and his work was truly a labor of love. It was common for him to take on extra duties and work extra shifts.
“He was just a company man,” Faile said. “He was loyal to his agency and did what he could to benefit it. He was more than a good employee, he was a true friend.”
Faile noted Usher was open to learning new tasks and technology and was quick to pass along his knowledge to other dispatchers.
Faile also noted Usher possessed a vital quality as a dispatcher. No
matter how intense an emergency situation became, Usher had a way of staying calm to assist a victim or direct a deputy to a situation.
“He was just a natural,” Faile said. “He did an awesome job for us.”
Usher’s untimely death leaves a major hole to fill, but, at the same time, a fine model to follow.