Tree crushes car, damages truck and house

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By Brian Melton

A huge oak tree crashed down about 4:30 p.m. in the 100 block of West Shiloh Unity Road, crushing a car and damaging a pickup and the home of Michele Horne.
Horne and her children, Thomas and Kelly, were inside when it happened as the storm raged in their neighborhood just off U.S. 521 north of Lancaster. No one was hurt, and the house appeared to have avoided severe damage.
"That tree was hollow and had three raccoons living in it," said Thomas Horne. "I knew it was going to come down when they said the hurricane was coming."
Michele Horne said Kelly was in the front bedroom and heard a loud crack amid the roaring winds.
"Man, the tree fell and we came running out here, and I just lost it, cussing and screaming," Michele Horne said. "You want to be mad, but at least the house wasn't badly damaged and we're not out looking for a place to stay tonight."
Thomas said all of them are thankful the tree didn't fall squarely on the house.
"This could have been horrible," he said, before joking: "Those raccoons are long gone."