Teachers’ shirts spell out messages to kids

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By Mark Manicone

Lancaster High School teachers celebrated teacher appreciation week by giving a little appreciation and encouragement back to their students.
Each day of the week, they had an activity to celebrate. One day was hat day and on Thursday it was Scrabble day.
Each department at the school created a message for students and wore a Scrabble letter cutout, or a shirt with the letter to school. When all the teachers stood together, it would spell their message out.
Katie Knox, the anatomy and physiology teacher at LHS, is known to her students for projects like this, and has earned herself a reputation for it.
 “They kind of joke and call me the gross-out queen because we do heart dissections, brain dissections and, usually, the gooier the things are the more fun they have,” Knox said. “The biggest thing we figured out is the crazier you make your lessons the more likely your students are to be engaged, pay attention and really want to participate.”
Her department’s message was “Mad Science” and Knox went all-out, stenciling out the Scrabble letters, including the value of each letter, and spray-painting them onto T-shirts.  She even made a special shirt representing her acquired reputation.
“I’ll be the mad scientist. So I even made a stencil for me, … and even my Jeep says the mad scientist on it, so it’s kind of a theme I love to follow,” she said. “ My late father actually was an art teacher, so I love being able to incorporate art into my science lessons.”

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