Tax-free shopping weekend runs through midnight Sunday

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By The Staff

Retailers here and across the state are hoping to ring up large sales this weekend during the state's ninth annual tax-free shopping weekend.

It began at 12:01 a.m. Friday and concludes at midnight Sunday.

South Carolina is one of six states to host tax-free shopping weekends this weekend. The others are North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee and Missouri.

During the weekend, the state's sales and use tax is lifted on purchases of clothes, shoes, school supplies, book bags, computers, computer parts, printers and more.

Students and parents of students often take advantage of the weekend to buy clothing and school supplies for the coming year.

South Carolina shoppers typically save about $2.8 million in sales tax during the event, according to the S.C. Department of Revenue.

The popularity of the tax-free weekend has made it the third-busiest shopping period of the year, exceeded only by the weekend after Thanksgiving and the weekend before Christmas.

In past years, retailers not offering tax-exempt merchandise have cashed in on the busy shopping weekend by holding special sales or paying the state's sales and use tax for their customers.

South Carolina adopted the sales tax holiday in 2000.