Take time today to honor your mom

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Surely we all know whom we celebrate today. But just in case you’ve somehow missed it – it’s Mother’s Day.
It’s a day set aside to honor and pay tribute to the one who brought us into the world and tried to keep us on the right track. She’s known as mommy, mom, mother and mama. You may have even given her a nickname.
She deserves all the recognition she can get. She’s always been there for you. She’s been your confidant, protector and mentor.
She’s provided for you, nurtured you and even disciplined you (whether you thought you deserved it or not.)
She’s cooked for you, doctored you and refereed your sibling disputes.
While mothers are the primary caretakers, their roles have changed significantly over the years. Many mothers not only cook the bacon, but they have to help bring it home. In these hard economic times, the mother’s income is sorely needed just to make ends meet. Statistics show that more than 60 percent of mothers are in the workforce.
Many mothers are single moms. Some of them have more than one job just to provide for the needs of their families. These same mothers also carry the major role of household chores and parenting duties. It’s a true balancing act to pull off these feats.
It doesn’t take too much convincing to see how valuable mothers are. That’s why, in 1914, Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.
We cannot encourage you enough to take time today to honor your mother. Do so in the way you feel appropriate, whether it is by sending her a card, flowers or spending quality time with her. Make her smile. Make her laugh. Give her a big hug.
A custom on Mother’s Day is to wear a rose in her honor – a red one if she is living and a white one if she is deceased.
No matter what your situation, take time to honor her today. Your mother has played a highly important role in your life.
If for some reason, you and your mother have drifted apart, think seriously about trying to mend that relationship. Healing can only happen when you make the effort to restore that bond.
If your mother is no longer living, take time to honor her memory and reflect on what she has meant to you and your family.
To all mothers, we salute you on your much-deserved day.