St. Louis letter: No one is locked out; key is your vote

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This letter is in reference to “Obama locks out everyone” in the April 10 newspaper by guest columnist Rudy Schmidt.
The analogy of the suicide and murder of 149 people to the actions of President Barack Obama is tasteless. You can disagree with all that Obama has done during his term as president, but his actions and your desperation are not comparable to the helplessness of 149 persons as they plummeted to their deaths.
Regarding your talking points, the national health-care system has not been seized by Obama. Prior to his election, there was no national health-care system. Can the Affordable Care Act be improved or tweaked? Yes, it can. However, all I hear from the right are calls for repeal. Could you or someone please tell me what happens to the millions of Americans who are now enrolled? No one has offered a reasonable alternative.
At least five hearings have been conducted by Congress on the IRS scandal. And, FYI, at that time one house was controlled by the Republicans.
Congress has refused to forward any meaningful legislation to the president on immigration. Are we to deport over 11 million immigrants? Amnesty is not being offered, but we must find a way to provide legal status and, eventually, citizenship to the immigrants who are worthy.
President George W. Bush signed an agreement to have all U.S. troops withdrawn from Iraq as of Dec. 31, 2011. Obama did exactly that. The growth of terrorist groups in Iraq is a direct result of our wrongful incursion in 2003. Unfortunately, we broke it and now it must be fixed, but putting troops on the ground is not the answer.
As for the release of five Taliban for one U.S. soldier, I would like to remind you that Bowe Bergdahl was not a deserter until he returned home and faced a military tribunal. Remember, one is innocent until proven guilty.
Finally, please tell me how Obama struck a secret deal with Iran, from which you state that Congress, the American people and our allies were locked out. There were five other countries involved, four of which are considered to be our allies. Also, by going online and doing a search, you can find a synopsis of this secret deal.
No one is locked out.
We have the key; it is called a vote.
William St. Louis