Saluting fallen Florence officer

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Chief Grant: ‘In seconds, the most routine task can turn into a deadly encounter’

By Kayla Vaughn

Thousands mourned fallen Florence Police Sgt. Terrence Carraway at his funeral Monday in the Florence Civic Center, including more than a dozen law officers from Lancaster.
Carraway, 52, was gunned down during a two-hour shootout Oct. 3. Six other officers were injured during the incident while trying to serve a warrant on the son of the accused shooter.
Lancaster Police Chief Scott Grant said his officers asked to attend as soon as funeral arrangements were made.
“We wanted to pay our respects and to show the support of the brotherhood that is law enforcement,” he said. “The least we can do is pay respect to not only him but his department and fellow officers that have to go on from here without him.”
Grant said all of law enforcement, not just those who knew Carraway, felt his loss last week.
“This just shows the speed at which our job evolves or changes,” he said. “We ask a lot of our police officers, and you never know what’s going to happen or how things are going to develop.
“In seconds, the most routine and simplistic task can turn into a deadly encounter. He had done this job for 30 years, and his life was taken away from him while serving.”
Sheriff Barry Faile said Carraway’s family has been in his thoughts and prayers – and those of the entire Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office – since the news of his death.
“If there’s anything we can do for them or that department, we will do it,” Faile said. “It’s devastating, not just to them, but to the whole law enforcement community.”
Faile said that as a leader, he worries about his officers all the time.
“That’s the one phone call you never want to get,” he said. “We worry about it all the time. Sending our guys out there.”
Lancaster County has experienced a shortage of officers recently, with several officers still needed at the police department and at the sheriff’s office.
“That worry is probably why a lot of people don’t want to get into law enforcement today,” Faile said. “The few that do have a passion for it and want to serve their community.”
Grant took his thoughts to Facebook after the funeral.
“Today has not been an easy day,” he said. “This morning we went down to Florence to send a brother off with respect and honor – a man that sped straight ahead into a gunfight because his brothers and sisters needed him….
“We will not abandon our calling. We know what we stand for. We have purpose.”


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