Researcher looking for cemetery information

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By The Staff

I have become aware that there are many cemeteries hidden throughout Lancaster County that are more or less unknown.

Small cemeteries such as the Baskins Cemetery in Rich Hill and others can provide a wealth of information to researchers with an interest in the folks buried in a family plot or a private cemetery.

I suspect there are many such cemeteries. You may have stumbled across one in an obscure area or deep in the woods.

I have deep family roots in Lancaster County and have become interested in locating these small cemeteries. If you know of a private cemetery or family plot in Lancaster County, could you send me what you know about it to jonathan@reeveshome.org?

I have a Web site containing a great deal of information about many families of Lancaster County and their descendants at www.reeveshome.org/genealogy/reeves/.

Jonathan Reeves

Auburn, Ala.