Pettus letter: Thank you to all who helped on ILMS beach trip

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The Indian Land Middle School sixth-grade Myrtle Beach trip was a great showing of kindness and caring.
First, I want to give sixth-grade teacher Cheryl Fleishman a big high-five for all her hard work. I also want to thank Marci Lail for all her great assistance. Thank you both for the great job.
We all had a great time, but on the way back home, one of our tour buses broke down. The buses pulled over into a church parking lot.
Pastor Derrick Cattenhead and his family came to help us. The pastor and his family were on vacation. They had planned to go to the beach, but instead decided to come to our rescue.
First of all, let’s give God praise for all of this. We were about 20-30 minutes from Florence.
The pastor and his family opened their church for us. They gave the kids snacks and water, while the bus was being repaired.
We also had a nice young man come to our rescue. He was also off from work for the day. He was a firefighter named Justin Hudson. He took the bus driver to the store to get the supplies needed to fix the bus. It was very hot and Mr. Hudson did not give up until the bus was fixed.
It was getting late, so the pastor and his family fixed us supper at the church.
Mr. Hudson was so kind; he waited until the buses were loaded up. When we left, he turned on his siren and flashing lights to wish us well.
I also want to thank Chris Thorpe, our principal, for doing a great job on letting our parents know we were OK.
Thank you, Mrs. Witherspoon, for the welcome home.
It is great to know there are such wonderful people in this world.
Thank you from all of our hearts.
Mary and Brandon Pettus
Indian Land Middle School