Open letter to Lancaster County school board

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We, the citizens, homeowners and parents of Indian Land and Lancaster County, are turning to you for help:

u Help with letting us know what the plan is.

u Help with transparency.

u Help with communication between your board and the Lancaster County Council.

u Help with the future of our kids.

We would ask that you hold a town meeting here in Indian Land to put an end to the rumors that are flying and to give us an honest assessment of what to expect now, in one year, and in five years.

Tell us what we can do to participate in providing quality schools and teachers here without busing our kids to schools that are 20 miles away.

Wanda Rosa

Indian Land Action Council president

Editor’s note: Wanda Rosa, president of Indian Land Action Council, is gathering signatures on this letter, which she plans to present to the Lancaster County school board during public comments at its Oct. 20 meeting.

If you would like to sign the letter, please contact Rosa at (781) 248-5268 or offleygood@gmail.com.