Open letter to Lancaster County Chamber leader

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Beve Lynch
Dear Mr. Dean Faile,
I don’t understand why the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce is so upset. The CNN reporter simply wrote what she was told in interviews with citizens of Lancaster County. That is what reporters do.
If the chamber is upset with anyone, perhaps you should speak to those who gave offensive interviews or put Lancaster County in a bad light, as you see it.
It appears to me that she interviewed some of the movers and shakers of Lancaster County. Winston Smith is past chairman of the Lancaster Republican Party and current chairman of the Lancaster Tea Party. However, it did appear he was stalking her, by showing up at the restaurant, where she was conducting more interviews. In his words, “I don’t go here.” So why was he there? 
Pastor Huey Mills, as I understand, is also well-respected in Lancaster, both city and county.
Keith Tunnell knows well the challenges to bringing jobs and new companies to Lancaster County. However, I think his job may just have met a new challenge.
The passing of the NAFTA legislation was a death knell to America, not only Lancaster County. During the debating of this, I wrote to former U.S. Rep. John Spratt and Sen. Lindsay Graham, who supported this, stating that this would allow corporations to exit our nation en masse, taking American jobs with them. Did anyone else cry out? Did anyone in your organization try to negotiate with Springs Industries to stay here? Did you contact your representatives asking them not to support this legislation?
Since then, many citizens have been retrained and further educated to take other employment. Some have found jobs; many others have not. The unemployment numbers do not lie.
However, I don’t think they include those no longer receiving benefits. Therefore, the numbers are actually much higher. What has Lancaster County done to engage citizens in need of literacy assistance? I would like to see statistics showing the results, including those of employed via the S.C. programs.
I can appreciate the chamber’s desire to shed a better light on Lancaster City and County. However, is a huge sign wave campaign the best answer?
“We are Lancaster,” I think we have been shown that. And please, just what does that mean?
The slogan (and it’s just that) “Proud & Progressive,” please tell me in what areas Lancaster County has been progressive? You got a couple of industries here. Good, we needed the jobs.
I have to think York County was also well-vested in Springs Industries. So how is it that the mill closings have not set York County in the dire straits that we seem to suffer from? They moved on. Lancaster County seems to grovel and suffer, with little or no direction.
The only thing our leadership, Lancaster County Council, seems to know is to increase taxes, a penny at a time, on an already over-burdened citizenry. They are counting those pennies from the residents of neighboring North Carolina, who buy less expensive gasoline here and shop at a nearby Walmart, while affecting residents county-wide.
Perhaps, if the mirror that Moni Basu put up in our faces was not the one we wanted to see, maybe it’s time for some changes.
If we need to make a prepared, rehearsed video to represent Lancaster County, that in itself shows a problem. Will we not allow any large, international media into the county to conduct interviews until we have had time to school everyone on what to say?
An interview with CNN is not the same as the school or local newspaper. Reporters of this caliber are well-educated and have traveled both nationally and internationally. They report on what they see and what they are told. And that, my fellow citizens, is just what she did.
Are you ashamed? Are you mad? Do you see a change is needed? Or shall we post a sign and create a video image that makes Lancaster City and County look the best?

Beve Lynch is a longtime Indian Land resident.