Online exclusive; Guns, violent crimes nothing new to Blackmon

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By The Staff

Guns, escape and violent crimes are nothing new to Deqwon Mykel Blackmon, the attempted murder suspect who ran away from the Lancaster County Detention Center on Friday, Aug. 29. 

There is good reason why local authorities say Blackmon, who was not armed at the time he fled, should be considered dangerous.

Charged for his involvement in an Aug. 23 shooting incident on S.C. 9 Bypass, a background check on Blackmon from the Sixth Judicial Circuit Public Index shows he has a penchant for all three, dating back some six years.   

In January 2008, the then 17-year-old Blackmon was one of five suspects charged for the violent second-degree burglary of Discount Guns in Van Wyck. 

According to The Lancaster News archives, on Dec. 30, 2007, Blackmon was involved in that break-in incident, as well as the theft of the car suspects used to drive inside the gun shop and steal several rifles and pistols.

The car – a black Cadillac – was stolen earlier that day from a newspaper carrier at Miller’s Grove Apartments. A Lancaster Police Department incident report said that four or five teens jumped into the car, which was running and unlocked at the time, as the man was leaving a newspaper at an apartment. 

The report also said as the victim ran after the car, one of the occupants fired a gun three or four times. Blackmon drew a sentence of eight years suspended to five years probation concurrent in the case after pleading guilty.

He was also charged with escape in October 2008, though he was never prosecuted in that incident. A second escape/attempted escape charge from June 2014 is still pending, awaiting a second court appearance. 

December 2012 charges against Blackmon for unlawfully carrying a pistol, drug possession and failure to stop for blue lights and siren are still pending.

Then, in January 2013, he was initially charged by the Pageland Police Department with first-degree assault and battery, damaging property and discharging a firearm for his involvement is a gunfight on East Blakeney Street in Pageland. 

According to TLN archives, Blackmon’s younger brother, Thyze LaShown Hough, was critically wounded in the incident after he was shot by Michael Joseph Locklear. 

Locklear was initially charged with aggravated assault and battery, discharging a firearm within town limits and receiving stolen goods after admitting he used a stolen 40-caliber pistol he bought for $75 in the incident. However, the aggravated assault charged against Locklear was dismissed in January 2014 for insufficient evidence. Several other charges against Locklear are also pending.

An article published in the Jan. 30, 2013, edition of The Lancaster News said Locklear told investigators at the time when he came out of his house, two men were standing in his yard and that one of them said, “Hey, you know me, I got something for you.” Locklear said he thought Hough and Blackmon were after him because they thought he had stolen a dog.

One of the men then pulled a pistol from behind his back and started firing. Locklear told police that Hough was armed, but wasn’t the one who shot at him. From a photo, the report said Locklear identified Blackmon as the man who shot at him.     

However, the Fourth Judicial Circuit Public Index for Chesterfield County shows Blackmon was never prosecuted in the case.