New post office a welcome IL addition

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By The Staff

Almost five years ago, the U.S. Postal Service began looking for someone to open a contract post office in the Indian Land area.

Last month, someone finally took them up on the offer.

Janice and Paul Slagle, who own the Panhandle Food Store and Valero (formerly Citgo) gas station, opened a contract postal unit in their store on Feb. 10.

The store is located at one of Indian Land’s busiest intersections – U.S. 521 and S.C. 160.

It’s not quite a full-service stand-alone post office, but it’s a welcome addition to the business landscape in the Panhandle.   

It’s been a long wait for Indian Land residents, who have had to drive to either Fort Mill, which handles most of Indian Land’s mail or Lancaster, which handles the rest, to do simple postal transactions.

Now, they can mail parcels and buy stamps and money orders in their community. The only thing the new postal unit doesn’t offer is post office boxes.

The contract postal unit is another step in the continuing drive to establish a regular post office in Indian Land.

About 18 months ago, Indian Land finally got its own ZIP code – 29707, which helps identify it as separate from Fort Mill in York County, with which it had long shared the 29715 ZIP code.

The shared ZIP code created no end of confusion, especially for the many newcomers to the area. The new code helped quell this, and the new postal unit will help separate Indian Land even further from Fort Mill’s apron strings, although it’s still a subsidiary of the Fort Mill post office.

The next step will be a full-service post office, although it may still be a long time coming.

But at least one group of developers – those working on the “town center” plan – has indicated an interest in having a post office in its development. If they or some other developer would pony up with both the land and a building, it might be easier to persuade the U.S. Postal Service that this is the ideal place for its next full-service post office.

Until then, we’re glad Indian Land has a post office of its own, at last.

Stamps, anyone?