Muscles and Mascara LLC

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Personal training business provides clients with workouts and custom meal plans

By Hannah Strong

For 29-year-old personal trainer Jenny Starnes, fitness training isn’t all about big muscles and flexing. It’s about building women’s self-confidence while living a healthy lifestyle.

Starnes began Muscles and Mascara, a personal-training business, six months ago and currently trains 25 clients out of T.J.’s Fitness in Kershaw and Big Wayne’s Gym in Lancaster and Rock Hill. She charges $30 each one-hour, one-on-one training session for women.

Starnes also creates customized meal plans for both men and women, including working with clients who may have health issues, like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Starnes uses a system that counts macros, which considers the client’s current weight, exercise mobility and if there are any health issues. Starnes said after collecting that information, she assigns proportions for a seven-day meal plan with three meals and three snacks per day. She also teaches clients how to real labels properly and how to understand proportions.

“I am here to build women’s self confidence back,” Starnes said. “To make them feel better in their own skin again and to obtain a healthy lifestyle.”

Starnes said she is not only a trainer, but also a friend to all of her clients. “I am there to motivate them and to help them achieve their goals,” Starnes said. “I do not false advertise with a quick fix or even a promise that they will look like a fashion model, but I do promote healthy results.”

Originally from Lexington, Starnes grew up in Kershaw. She is a certified personal trainer and a pharmacy technician. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of South Carolina and an associate’s degree in fashion merchandising from Strayer University.

With experience in merchandising, Starnes created the logo and company name to fit her personality and lifestyle.

“I am very feminine to say the least, but also enjoy the strength that comes from lifting weights and the healthy lifestyle,” Starnes said. “After playing around with some names, I thought Muscles and Mascara would be very fitting because it defines a part of who I am.”

Starnes then created an LLC (limited liability company) for her brand and began looking for gyms to train in.

Starnes found her first two clients at T.J.’s Fitness and then began marketing her business on Facebook and expanded to Lancaster.

Todd Jordan, owner of T.J.’s Fitness, said having personal trainers brings business into the gym. “A lot of people are looking for help,” Jordan said. T.J.’s does not employ personal trainers, so it’s common for outside trainers to use his gym, he said.

Starnes said she would like to expand her business in the Rock Hill and Columbia areas and possibly recruit another personal trainer to add to her staff.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit https://www.facebook.com/musclesandmascarallc or call (803) 320-0754.


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