Meet Your Neighbor – Josh McNeal IV

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Name: Josh McNeal IV
Age: 25
Address: Sunshine Road
Family: Dad, the Rev. Willie McNeal; mom, Robin Stevenson, and three brothers, Adrian McGriff, Quacy McNeal and Willie McNeal Jr.   
Job: Graduate assistant for the Southern Political Science Association
Hobbies: Working out, Gamecocks football and baseball, videography, golf and watching the TV news
Favorite book: “Strivers Row” by Kevin Baker
Favorite movie: “The War”
Favorite food: Fresh sushi
Favorite getaway: Summer in Miami
What are you most proud of and why? Earning a degree from the University of South Carolina and working on my master’s degree at Georgia Southern. I’m a first-generation college grad in the family.
Words you live by: Strive to help others who help themselves.