McGarry letter: County GOP to reorganize precincts

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Every two years, Republicans like you, in every corner of our state, gather to reorganize and recommit to building a solid Republican foundation in South Carolina.
This past November, we swept the field again. Please know that Lancaster County won one of the biggest contests in the state. With the election of Randy Newman as our 6th Circuit solicitor, we have made major in-roads, not only by strengthening what we already have as a Republican majority in Lancaster, but some firsts of their kind in Fairfield and Chester counties.
This is why your involvement in precinct reorganization is so critical. We need to maintain our important status as a conservative hotbed of success and innovation.
Precinct reorganization allows anyone who is interested to get involved at the most local of levels in our party. Although our party is involved in many different areas of campaigning and governing, our party ultimately exists because of the activism and devotion of our grassroots.
The Republican Party reorganizes to build and strengthen our base. This is your opportunity to get involved.
This is when we elect our precinct and county party officers and our executive committee. We also elect precinct delegates to the party’s county convention on April 16. And from there, delegates to the state convention are chosen.
The dates for reorganization in Lancaster are:  
u All Indian Land precincts, including Van Wyck: 6:30 p.m. Monday, March 16, Del Webb Library, 7641 Charlotte Highway, Indian Land
u All other precincts: 7 p.m. Thursday, March 19, Mike Williams Builders, 1351 Charlotte Highway, Lancaster
Our county convention will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 16, at Mike Williams Builders, 1351 Charlotte Highway, Lancaster.
This is where we will elect the officers of the county party, as well as delegates to the S.C. Republican Party Convention on May 2.  
If you are a registered voter in Lancaster County, please bring your voter ID card and join us for reorganization, for your chance to be involved.  
For more information, contact Sandy McGarry, chair, at (954) 821-4203; Brandon Newton, vice chair, at (803) 320-9615; or Earl Capps, executive committeeman, at (843)532-8439.
Sandy McGarry
Lancaster County Republican Party chair