May the best man for the job win

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I have known Randy Newman and his wife, Jill, for about five and a half years through the church we both attend. He seems to be a great guy, so does his wife and little boy.

Mr. Newman has run a clean campaign. He has not said anything negative about his opponent. He stands on the work he has done in the years that he was the assistant under Doug Barfield. William Frick has made mention of backlogs, reduced sentences by Mr. Newman, but this started a long time before Mr. Newman took over the job.

We have to remember that this job handles three counties and the state also assigns many cases that are not Lancaster County’s trials, which adds to Lancaster County’s workload.

We, also, have to realize that judges, defense attorneys, juries, police slow to get evidence all play a big part in slowing down the court’s ability to clear dockets.

Mr. Frick lists about six towns that he has worked in two states. Mr. Newman has held only one job since his graduation. Sounds like Mr. Frick doesn’t stay at a job too long. Do we want him or do we want the surety of Mr. Newman whose roots are here? For three years he has proven to the people of Lancaster that he is the right man for the job.

Fred Ackerman