Libertarianism will add to our nation's problems

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By The Staff

For about the last 30 years the Republican Party has increasingly brought libertarian philosophy into their platforms and plans for the United States. While many of us may applaud some of the certain aspects of this ideology, in its larger context and application to state and local life it may surprise you as to its very destructive elements.

These applications of libertarian philosophy can add to the current massive problems for our country:

u Abolition of taxes. So who would pay for streets, sewer, police, EMS and assure us of clean water? An oil company like British Petroleum?

u Suggestions to repeal federal agencies such as the Department of Education, thereby replacing public education with private schools and or school vouchers.

u Doing away with Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA). Then who would judge the sanitation and quality of all the foods we eat? Private food companies?

u Legalization of drugs and prostitution. Imagine if this happened.

u Free, unlimited markets like Wall Street. If we think Wall Street is out of control now, imagine a truly unregulated Wall Street.

u Privatize roads, airports and national parks. Would any public land then be available to all or only the wealthy?

u Privatize Social Security. Then who could retire when Wall Street crashes?

u Private health insurance with pre-existing conditions included. So who in old age could afford to get sick without exhausting their life savings?

In a land where you are on your own when calamity occurs, such as the Gulf oil spill, would we want to be at the mercy of BP to really care for the environment, the fishermen, the coastal lands or anything else? My friends, these are the viewpoints of those who applaud the tenets of the libertarian ideology.

Two Republican candidates in our state are running with such ideology in their back pockets: Mick Mulvaney for U.S. District 5 seat and gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley. If we think Gov. Mark Sanford betrayed many of us, imagine what these two can do to set this state further backward in education, employment, infrastructure and quality of life.

Please do some study about the very deleterious effects of libertarianism.

I want to live in a community where each person is not just out for him/herself, but where the common good is valued for all.

Sam L. Slack

Indian Land