Letter: Who decides what rights are universal?

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In his guest column, Keith T. Grey Sr. said, “We want all nations to uphold universal human rights.” But he does not say whose idea of human rights should be universal.
Would he enjoy the human rights of pre-war Japan, or the Buddhist’s idea of human rights? If he chooses the Muslim idea of human rights, would he select the Shia, Sunni or Wahhabi idea of universal human rights? He could also choose the Pakistani or Yemeni idea of human rights.
We must define right and wrong to establish true human rights. Who or what sets the standard of right and wrong? If something is right or wrong for you, is it also right or wrong for me? Which ideology do you choose to set the standard?
Can Mr. Grey define universal human rights in a way that the entire world, or even just America, will accept? Do we have a standard of right and wrong today? No, we don’t.
When those definitions are accepted, then we can work together to solve our universal problems.

Rudy Schmidt