Letter: We need a recreation culture like Rock Hill

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Over the past two decades, our neighbors on the other side of the Catawba River have made significant investments in their sports and recreation amenities.
With annual recreation spending of $81 per resident, the city of Rock Hill sends a strong message to the region that it is a sports-minded community with a competitive spirit.
Meanwhile, Lancaster County spends $13 per capita on recreation. Let that sink in. With such a shamefully low rec budget, what message does that send to our children and grandchildren? To potential investors? And, if we’re honest, what message does that send to ourselves about what we value?
By voting in favor of the recreation bond on Nov. 6, we will be doing our part to create a culture of health and vitality throughout Lancaster County.
The bond would pay for major renovations to the existing Indian Land Recreation Center, multi-use sports complexes near Harrisburg Elementary and in the southern part of the county, renovations to the historic Barr Street Auditorium, and an environmental education center and the first 2 miles of the Lindsay Pettus Greenway.  
Projects like these will help us meet our recreation needs in our own community, instead of driving to Ballantyne, Waxhaw, Fort Mill, or Rock Hill every weekend. With so much acreage in the Panhandle being gobbled up by developers, our growing community’s needs for recreation should be just as important.
On Election Day, we encourage you to vote “Yes, In Favor” of the recreation bond.

Matthew and Lauren Thomas
Indian Land