Letter: Vote ‘In Favor’ on rec bond, enhance Lancaster’s livability

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I voted last week – a privilege granted to those of us of a certain vintage and others with challenges that prevent them from voting on Nov. 6.
And I voted enthusiastically “In Favor” of the $19 million bond referendum that is on the ballot.
Promotions for the referendum state that a “10-minute walk to a park is an important indicator of the ‘livability’ of a community” and “parks and green spaces contribute to a community’s physical and environmental health.” I believe that. They also posit that livability attracts people and industry. That makes sense to me, too.
From spring to fall, I travel with a group of friends to venues surrounding Lancaster to listen to live music and dance. All of these events are extremely well attended. Too often our lament is, “Wish we had something like this at home.”
I’ve explored and picnicked at Andrew Jackson State Park, of course. But I’ve also watched performers in Finlay Park, walked in Manchester Park, played tennis at Penn Park, enjoyed the swings in Glencairn Gardens, danced at Cherry Park, read a good book at Krouscoup Park, listened to an acoustical group at Anne Spring Close Greenway (magnificent), attended cultural festivals at Olin Park, played tennis at Penn Park, watched Shakespeare come alive with season tickets to Spring Greens’ outdoor theatre (APT), and I’ve recently discovered Pineville Lake Park , a gorgeous lake-front pavilion!
We have the chance to create additional, inviting, destination public spaces in our community by voting “In Favor” of the $19 million bond referendum to fund outdoor recreation and green space development across our county that enhance livability and build stronger, healthier communities.
And, if you are as excited about that as I am, you might vote early, too.

Dr. Deborah B. Cureton