Letter: Trump will ‘Make America Great Again’

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Last week’s letter to the editor, “Americans’ blind trust in Trump worries reader” replicates the disingenuous and dishonest writings of the liberal media, which do not reflect the many successes of President Donald Trump.  
Trump began his term of office by selecting the talented members of his cabinet, meeting with corporations and union representatives, initiating the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, dealing with immigration issues previously supported by Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, “extremely vetting” possible ISIS  terrorists in order to keep America safe, and naming a new and remarkable Supreme Court justice.   
John Aves’ statement that our new president “has a record of breaking promises” remains an untruth, which reflects his  acceptance and beliefs of too many liberal media outlets. No other newly elected government officials have achieved the beginnings of launching these goals in such a short time.
The American people have spoken in this election and their vote will prevail to “Make America Great Again.”

Carol Wilson
Indian Land