Letter: Trump’s talk is crude, but I like his results

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By Ronald Hopkins

I write this in response to Christine M. Taylor’s Nov. 16 letter to the editor comparing President Trump with President Obama.
She wrote that Trump’s economic successes are “piggy-backing on what Obama did.”
But Obama is the only president in modern times to not have a calendar year of 3 percent growth in the Gross Domestic Product. His average annual rate of GDP growth during two terms was 2.1 percent, according to Bloomberg News. Only the Bushes – both of them – had lower average GDP growth. That’s nothing to piggy-back off of.
As for her statement that Obama’s hands were tied and Trump has “free rein,” both of them had control of the Senate and House for two years. Obama did more of “what he wants” with the NSA’s surveillance, Fast and Furious, IRS scandals, and drone killings of Americans. Obama was also connected to the FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign. That’s “free rein” if anything is.
Trump’s talk can be crude, but I go by his actions. Hitting the lowest unemployment rate for blacks and Hispanics, giving terminally ill patients access to drugs and therapies not yet approved by the FDA, donating his salary, deporting MS-13 members, trying to build a wall, working to even trade imbalances, enabling the VA to fire personnel not doing their jobs.
Ms. Taylor criticizes Trump for surrounding himself with “yes men.” But all presidential cabinets consist mostly of yes men, because the president picks people who will carry out his policies, and Obama did just that. Remember his attorney general meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton as Hillary was under a so-called investigation?
Ms. Taylor says I’ve put Trump on a pedestal. I remember Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention acceptance speech, surrounded by large Roman columns looking like a place for the gods. Talk about narcissism and pedestals!

Ronald Hopkins