Letter: Rethink neighborhood snitches policy

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I’m surprised that Lancaster County’s answer to the problem of out-of-state license plates not being replaced with S.C. plates in a timely manner is to have neighbors turn in neighbors.
According to a July 10 WBTV On Your Side story, Lancaster County Auditor Susan Hunter Wallace said her office is gathering information to ensure new residents are complying with vehicle property taxes. But she isn’t sure if non-compliance is an issue because the county hasn’t had a compliance officer since 2017.
According to WBTV, “Hunter Wallace says residents can report residents who live in Lancaster County, but have out-of-state tags. She says they’ve also enlisted the help of the sheriff’s office to monitor license plate registrations. Maj. Matt Shaw with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office says deputies are not going door-to-door to check on out-of-state tags, but will investigate if they receive a tip of non-compliance.”
I always support the sheriffs, in all and any requests for more sheriff’s officers and wage increases. I believe this keeps our county a safe place to live, especially when the murder rate is going up so fast just across the state line in North Carolina.
Even if we don’t have enough officers to monitor out-of-state license plates, this neighbor-against-neighbor policy sounds like a firestarter and does away with the friendly atmosphere of the South.
Please rethink this plan. I know we could use the fees and even part of the $300 fee for a new license plate to pay a patrol officer to monitor offenders. 

Jane Tanner
Indian Land